News Letter – I believe trauma to be stagnated energy.

I trust your week went swimmingly and you have fun adventures planned for the weekend?

You may be aware that I believe trauma to be stagnated energy. There is a lovely clue in the word ‘emotion’ or ‘e-motion’, energy in motion.

Happy emotions are bubbly and light. Conversely trauma is stagnated, sticky and stuck.

When you spend time with happy people you feel it too. Laughter is contagious. We can end up in fits of giggles when the silliest thing happens, and that high can even stay with us for hours afterwards.

Well the same happens with pain. Hanging out with a sad or angry person can be a real downer. It can deeply affect you, for hours or even days later. It may seem insensitive to say this, but you sometimes need to avoid that person as you just don’t have the time or energy to be brought down. You have too many other commitments and too much to do.

Moods really are contagious. Almost like a bug. We can catch moods off others. But there is no pathogen, no airborne virus. All there is, is energy, Being in someone’s presence or energy field, this really can alter our mood.

If you understand that concept, the next will be a breeze.

So, if mood really is a bubble of energy that surrounds us, surely there is an energetic way to alter someone’s mood simply with energy? To dissolve the trauma?

Well that’s what I specialise in… Dissolving Trauma.

Let me tell you how I got here. How I discovered this cloud. This is excerpt from my forthcoming book.

My journey with emotion

I first learnt how to tinker with emotional energy a few years ago. I cultivated my gifts in a trance state which would last for days or weeks on end. It still does. This state allows me to access my latent gifts which we all have but with no way to unlock. I was already working as a healer and teaching. I had a good foundation and magic in my bones.

My friend Sophie and I went for lunch. As we were leaving she realised that she had misplaced her car keys. She is a stressed person at the best of times so her reaction was shall we say ‘animated’.

Sophie turned her bag upside down, demanded to dismantle the wardrobe where our jackets had been stored herself. She pulled everyone’s belongings from the closet whilst swearing at the receptionist. It was intense. Her primary concern was that she would get a parking ticket or clamped. Living in London this conclusion would be highly likely and costly.

Sophie remembered that she had paid extra for a super-doper bells and whistles insurance policy. They would tow her car back to her allocated parking space, at home, for free. We organised this. The car would soon be delivered to her. She had spare keys in her home; granted she was not sure where exactly they were placed as she had recently moved. In worst case, the car would parked outside her house while she retrieved her spare set. The situation was resolved, crisis averted and panic over. No costs would be incurred. It may be a bit annoying looking for the spare keys whilst unpacking but not the end of the world by any means.

We were in the back of a black cab. Although Sophie knew the car was going to be delivered, she continued to panic. Now I have known this lady for years and she has a habit of getting stressed. My go to reaction to this had always been to try to break her out of her head space either by telling her jokes or tickling her. This was my typical method, it wasn’t working and then she muttered the immortal words,

“I think I’m having a heart attack!”.

Wow, that got my attention. Her stress levels were through the roof. At that moment, I had an epiphany. I saw this dark cloud of energy around her. Of course, I instructed the driver to take us to the nearest hospital. I then said,

“Sophie, I think I can move your panic over to me, so I have it and you won’t. Shall I try?”

She of course agreed. I did this and within a couple of seconds she started dancing, grinning from ear to ear, like a Cheshire cat. Asking the driver to turn the music up.

“I feel amazing!”

She thought she was in a rave, loving it.

I however had crumbled into a ball. My posture changed I was small, compact, overwhelmed. Holding all her fear, I looked up as a big tear rolled down my face. It was just too much for me to handle.

“Wow Sophie is this what it’s like to be you?”

I proclaimed. I couldn’t handle it, it was too overwhelming. There had to be a middle way where she felt happy but not ecstasy level euphoric, and I was balanced, she was dancing having the time of her life.

“Okay, this is too much for me” I said “I have processed a third, I’ll keep a third, and I’ll return a third. So, you will feel good, but not totally blissed out, is that okay?”

Seeing the mess I was in, she agreed somewhat reluctantly. I did it and she felt really happy and content, I was fine too at this level. It was still intense for me, but manageable. I actually managed to grab her pain pull it over to me, dissolve some of it and give a portion back. It was mind blowing. I was amazed. Emotion is energy just a cloud of energy that surrounds us.

Just to round off the story, I should mention, when she got home. Can you believe it! She found her car keys in her darned bag!

This is how I learned emotion is energy and can be tinkered with.

Next week, I’ll tell you how I learned to dissolve my own trauma in a more controlled environment. It was over a boy… It’s always over boys!

Plus I shall include footage from MBS.

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