Mind Body Spirit – Prize Draw Results

It was wonderful to connect with such gorgeous souls at Mind Body Spirit last weekend. I hope you’ve had a chance to process all the great stands and what you learned.

In-case you have forgotten me this is a little reminder of who I am and what I do.

Antonia Harman Video

A quick recap of who I am and what I do, last Saturday at noon I took to the main stage.

  • I introduced myself, and explained my theory of how trauma was merely stagnated energy, layer upon layer of stagnation, that disease is simply trauma made physical.
  • I then invited 2 members of the public up to help them clear a trauma. The first had a child die at just 15 months old. Devastating by anyone’s standard, the second loss of a parent.
  • With the love of the crowd behind me I was able to dissolve these traumas in just a few seconds. The stagnation completely clear. The memories remained yet the pain gone forever.It was beautiful and humbling

At the Mind Body Spirit event, I offered a  Prize.  I bet you are wondering who won the competition?

The prize as you may remember was a chance to win level 1 in Birmingham, London or via Skype, or a full-length session with me.

The level 1 class includes: Meditation tools, dowsing, clearing hooks and evil eyes, as well the incredible Big Eraser.

Level 1’s Big Eraser is more powerful than the one I taught at MBS, for intense and significant trauma.

I also teach how to clear the associated karma, so the events no longer repeat.

Bill McKenna’s instant pain relief, Chakra Master Blaster to awaken and illuminate your chakra system as well as loads of fun and playful energies.

The dates are:


  • 30th November – 2nd December
  • January 18th – 20th
  • March 15th – 17th


  • February 22nd -24th

In my full-length sessions much can be achieved in the past I’ve even managed to clear PTSD or depression in a single session.

So, a wonderful prize indeed!

And the winner is drum roll please…

The winner is Tanya White, she visited me on Friday. Congratulations Tanya! I look forward to working with you soon. I will send you a private email to arrange details.

I’m sorry to disappoint the rest of you amazing humans. However, I have exciting news to tell you about the future of Divine Empowerment as well as videos from the day to share, so please look out for my next email.

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