Morphic Fields and Diseases

Morphic Fields and Diseases - Divine Empowerment

I have previously touched on morphic fields in my thought cloud blog
Morphic fields are consciousness bubbles, where thoughts, beliefs and information is held. One of the first studies was the 100 monkeys experiment’ in Japan. Scientists buried sweet potatoes in the sand, the monkeys liked the taste but despised the grit of the sand in their mouths so largely left them. That was apart from a few clever young monkeys who had the wisdom to take the sweet potatoes to a stream and wash them. They brought them back to their troop and shared the clean potatoes, it caught on a little, but slowly. After several generations of monkeys who shared the technique, with just a few, they reached around 100 monkeys who would wash their spuds. When this number was reached, tribes of monkeys on different islands instantly started washing their sweet potatoes. They had never been shown this process but the information became imbued in consciousness and was now common knowledge through what was coined a ‘morphic field’.

There are countless examples of morphic fields in the world, each time we are enveloped in crowd mentality, it is the morphic field that is holding us there.

Morphic Fields and colds

I discovered something new, I had never thought of before, it is quite a break-through for me. I have not had a cough or a cold since 2007. I can use energy to burn them out, these days they don’t even need burning out as I have automated my system to clear any pathogen as soon as it enters my field. That saying I have had the edge of a cold the last few days, a little bit sniffly, the odd cough and sneeze, it hasn’t become any worse, but it’s the most sick I have been in years. I was of course using energy to clear it, but there was nothing there to clear, I couldn’t find it. This was quite odd for me but I realised that it must be a learning tool. I also noticed that I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, this again, is an unusual state of mind, my base line is happy. I had a bit of ‘poor me’ going on, I spend much of my time self-analysing, if anything in my system is less than perfect I want to know why. That is how I learn, with constant scrutiny. SO I was feeling a tad depressed and had the beginnings of a cold. I wondered if the two were in anyway related?

I remember having sickness in the past and being miserable because of it. If you look at the work of Louise Hays she says that every illness has an emotional trigger/ foundation. I started to wonder if every illness has a morphic field? If cold’s had a morphic field of bleakness? I had a little look and saw that indeed it did . There was a global morphic field for coughs and colds and a personal morphic field bubble, the two were linked.

I took it upon myself to start to clear these fields, the global one will take 4 weeks to release from today, the personal one is much smaller and only took a few hours, most was in fact cleared within a few minutes. As I cleared my personal bubble almost immediately my melancholy lifted, the following day, my mild cold symptoms had completely gone and I was my bright and happy self.

Morphic Fields and serious illness

This lead me to think about more serious illnesses and if they each have a morphic field? I have surmised that each illness has its own field. If it only takes 100 monkeys to create a consciousness bubble to learn a skill, what happens when millions of people die from an illness year after year? All the pain and suffering leading up to death both for themselves and their families, has to leave some kind of energetic residue.
It looks to me like we have karmic implants which are basically life lessons we sign up for between incarnations. If we learn the wisdom with grace and dignity they pass with little trauma. However, if we resist, the lessons get more and more destructive, I call this “A poke, a pinch, a slap, then hit by a car” a terminal disease of course, being a very aggressive lesson. Karmic implants attract the coaching and the mind-set for whichever disease we may have, again refer to Louise Hays for which mental state relates to which disease. These thoughts build a personal morphic field, keeping us thinking in this negative way, this then links us to the global morphic field for whichever disease we may have. This is one of the reasons it is so difficult to change our thinking to the positive when we are very sick.

As I like to go hard or go home, I decided to see if I could start to clear the morphic field of ALL disease globally. As you can imagine this is a huge endeavour, solo it will take me 10 months to do, I am teaching my advanced students in February who will help with this reducing it to 3 months from then. There will still be personal morphic fields as it is against universal law for me to remove these without individual permission, this can of course be done in sessions and is taught to students in level 4.

I don’t really know what will happen, but I think the emotional identification with the disease will soften, which will mean that diseases may be easier to clear by various means? I believe that emotions largely hold the disease in place, if the emotions can no longer stick in the field as the field is no more, we may have more success?

It is a new concept, I know that it worked for me with my cold despondency, so we will continue to play with it and let you know. It resonates as truth and only time will tell.

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