Circadian Rhythms

circadian rhythms and rebalancing organ function - Divine EmpowermentAccording to Chinese medicine each of our major organs has a daily 2 hour slot where maintenance is done. If an organ is working poorly, our body notices and diverts power to fix it. The body is an ecosystem, so any weak link in the chain can really disrupt the whole functioning.
It is crucial to have all parts working well, so much so that a great deal of energy is directed to poorly functioning areas. If you have ever noticed that you habitually get tired at the same time each day, or that you wake up at the same time each night, then that is most likely due to circadian rhythms.
During waking hours you may notice sudden exhaustion daily for example between 3 and 5 in the afternoon. People make all kinds of excuses like it is the “post lunch dip, that everyone has it”. This is in no way true. Food is fuel, so it should, if anything, energise you straight after eating it unless:-

1) You are eating food you are intolerant to, meaning that a lot of energy is used to process the poison you have just consumed.
2) You are massively overeating, making the body overwhelmed. This is unlikely to be a daily occurrence unless you are morbidly obese, it is more akin to the quantities of food we may consume at Christmas dinner.

Circadian rhythms, organs and the body clock

In addition if you don’t get tired after eating breakfast and dinner the observation is a moot point. According to Chinese medicine 3 to 5 pm is the bladder’s turn to process. If this is an issue for you, you will notice a dip around 3 pm, an overall tiredness, at around 5 pm however you will have a new lease of life, a spring in your step and you feel great. This is the same with any time slot, you could get tired between 9 pm and 11 pm this would be related to your thyroid and adrenals, again you would feel fine until 9 pm and then knackered for 2 hours only to be reborn anew at 11 pm.
In the middle of the night the circadian rhythm may wake you, as there is a surge of energy at a specific time, going to try and sort out the damaged organ. A common one is to always wake up at 5 am, unable to get back to sleep until 7 am, happening most days regardless of the time you have gone to bed. It can be very irritating for people who have a late night, maybe going to bed at 3 am for example only to be wide awake at 5 am unable to sleep again until after 7 am, by which time they have probably begrudgingly got up.

The night time wake-up is full of excuses too “everyone gets up in the night to use the loo”.
1) No they do not.
2) You may be looking at it the wrong way around. You may wake up in the night and decide to use the loo rather than your bladder waking you.

Humans should be able to easily sleep undisturbed for 8 hours with no toilet breaks. If you do wake up in the night, make sure that you are not drinking lots of water before bed as that can of course lead to waking up ‘to’ use the loo. If this is not the case and you regularly wake up between 1am and 3am it is likely to be due to your liver, 3 to 5am your lungs.
These are all symptoms that the associated organ is not functioning as well as it might.

Fixing Organs with Flower of Life Work

So what can you do to sort this out? I hate being given information that tells me I have a problem without being given an easy resolution!
To energetically sort organs out is easy. I teach it in the Flower Of Life work in my level 1 class available to you here on this website. We use the FOL light tech to reprogram the energy of the organ on a subatomic level, which then manifests in the physical. I really enjoy working on organs in this way as you can see a very obvious change in patterns. If you are always tired between 1 and 3 pm we do a little work and the following day this no longer happens, it is very clear evidence that there has been a shift. This gives confidence to practitioners and patients that the healing has worked, this assurance leads to better and better results for all.
Below is a diagram of the circadian rhythms. Have a look through and notice over the next few days and weeks if you habitually get tired at a certain time? If you do and want a tune up, why not sign up to the online class, or book in for a 1-2-1 with one of the DE practitioners?

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