Thoughts affect structure

Thoughts affect structure

In last week’s blog I touched on the brilliant work of Dr Masauru Emoto. He recently passed, during his life he did some truly remarkable work.
He was a Japanese scientist who was tasked with finding out how to make the perfect snowflake and photograph it. His team spent several months working out how to do it. You have to hyper-freeze water then allow it to defrost a little. The team worked in a refrigerated room that was around minus five degrees Celsius.
Once they had established how to make a snowflake, they decided to take water from various sources to see if the crystalline structure was different? They took water from locations all over the world, some very pure from glaciers, some from polluted rivers, lots of tap water from around the world, thousands of samples from diverse locations.

Thought snowflake experiments

Amazingly although possibly unsurprisingly the water from the ‘purer’ sources make uniform beautifully symmetrical patterns, where-as the polluted water looks blobby often discoloured with random formations.
Dr Emoto decided to take this further and study intention, if thoughts and prayer can affect water?
Most religions bless food before consuming it, some kind of ancient wisdom that has been passed down. It seems by modern standards to be quite a strange thing to do. Through wonderful photography, Dr. Emoto has shown the benefits that prayer can have on water, which is obviously heavily saturated in food.
He took a water sample from the Fujiwara dam which is a pretty polluted place, froze it and photographed it, then offered a Buddhist prayer to it, and repeated the process. The structure of the water completely changed, as you can see from the before and after pictures below.Thoughts Affect Water structure and environment - divine empowermnt

Power of positive thoughts

The environment, as we see from last week’s blog on Bruce Lipton’s work, affects the cells. Positive thoughts cause a stable healthy environment, whereas negative ones cause an unhealthy environment leading to disease.
Dr Emoto has taken thousands of pictures of snowflakes having played them music, blessed or written words on their bottles. Some of the most interesting ones for me are the ones with the words. To make it a fair experiment with words he would normally use distilled water, which is a good base as the crystals would turn out the same. He poured some out and wrote various words on their containers. Below are the words ‘Evil’ and ‘Truth’ written on distilled water and left for 24 hours. It is incredible how much the crystalline structure has changed in just a day from a single word.

Thoughts Affect Water - Thoughts affect structure and environment
We need to be careful what we think about as it changes the structure of form, it causes all sorts of issues that we are totally unaware of.

Be well, be happy!


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