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In last weeks blog we learnt about the placebo, this week we will address the nocebo, which is the opposite.
The placebo is thinking something is true for example receiving treatment for an illness, instead having the medicine, taking something that looks like it but with no active ingredients, a sugar pill for example, and the treatment still working. The nocebo is the negative version, so expecting something bad to happen and that then manifesting.

Nocebo Experiments

According to Bruce Lipton, genes cannot be switched on or off as many doctors believe, they are instead a blue print. Asking an architect to switch on a blue print makes no sense it is just the design of a building and what it is meant to look like. Bruce believes that environment is the important factor that determines what will happen. In 1967 he took a single stem cell and cloned it repeatedly for around a week until there were thousands of identical cells.
Bruce then divided them into 3 petri dishes one with muscle cells, one with bone and one with fat. What was interesting is that the stem cells which were genetically identical all became the same as the cells in their own petri dish. So the stem cells in the dish containing muscle became muscle cells, the ones with bone became bone and the ones with fat became fat. The environment determined their fate. This is entirely different from what is taught in medical schools even now, they talk about genetic determinism, where genetics are responsible for determining the fate of our lives.
Bruce has continued to experiment, he put stem cells into a petri with cancer cells and they became cancer, he removed them to add them to a healthy environment and the cancer dissipated. The environment is the important factor not the gene, as we have previously been told.

Environment and nocebo

So what affects environment? There are obvious factors like acidity, too much meat and processed food can make us acidic, this is one of the reasons to consume lots of veggies. Breathing exercises, yoga and tai chi also help to lessen acidity. Diet in general is important; if we eat non-organic food we are consuming vast numbers of chemicals which are poison, this affects the environment of our bodies.

Thought and environment

Masaru Emoto has done some amazing work on thoughts affecting structure. He froze water to make snowflakes with various words written on the bottles, the ones with positive words made beautiful uniform structures, the ones with negative words made random splats, more on Dr Emoto’s work in next week’s blog.
Thoughts affect the structure of water, this can be physically seen from snowflakes in Dr Emoto’s work. Our bodies are made of 65% water. Water is the biggest environment in our body, that water is affected by thought. The environment is what turns healthy cells into diseased ones. This leads to thoughts playing a major role in the contraction of disease.

Negative thought and disease

Of course diseases such as cancer have a multitude of factors to them, but the cancer gene that we fear might in fact be a belief system. Thinking we will get cancer as a parent had it could be the thing that triggers it, rather than any genetic link, as genes cannot be turned on or off. Statistically we are far more likely to contract cancer within a year of spousal bereavement, this is due to the horrific grief affecting the environment of the body.
The world is in a bizarre place, Angelina Jolie recently had a double mastectomy believing she has the ‘cancer gene’, and will contract it if she doesn’t remove her breasts. Don’t get me wrong, she may well have contracted cancer but not due to genes, instead due to the fear that she might get it, that fear manipulating the cells. Thoughts controlling environment being the determining factor not the blue print of her genes. This is the nocebo effect, negative belief manifesting reality.
We, as a race need to start processing our emotions, these unresolved negative thoughts make us sick. Louise Hays has a great index in her books about what emotions cause what disease. There are other factors of course, but as far as I can tell negative emotions triggers disease.
We need to start to love ourselves, joy is a great medicine. Truly happy people rarely get sick. I am a firm believer in getting our ducks in a row. Making sure that all our bodily systems are working well, I have even automated my body and those of my advanced students so that if there is a trauma, our systems go back to their optimal levels.

We are creators, be careful what you wish for, if you are consumed be negativity this will manifest in sickness, not to mention ageing significantly faster! It’s time now to process these dramas to stop living in fear. Honestly from the bottom of my heart, it is a blissful existence when these emotions are noticed, processed and eradicated. Not to say that they never happen even for me, but just seeing them as a story and letting them be, will promote happiness and lessen chances of disease. Some techniques to do this will be available for free trial on this site in the next few weeks.

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