Divine Empowerment Teaching Evolution

teaching evolutionThere have been some major advances within Divine Empowerment in fact I would go so far as to say there has been a quantum leap.

Types of teaching

The light tech that I use has always had several levels:

1) The master transmissions –These are the ones that I teach, many of which can then be taught by my students.
2) The teacher transmissions – Some of the energies I teach can then be taught by my students so they can share the light technology, meaning their clients can work on themselves at home.
3) The healer transmissions –these are taught by my students so their clients can work on themselves and others through healing but cannot teach.

I was able to share the teacher transmissions via video over a year ago, but that was only half the story, much of the work needs the master transmissions, well that is to do the whole course. The teacher transmissions are often quite playful energies, the master ones more deeply transformative.
Now I can teach all the master transmissions for level one two and three via video.

Teaching is now more flexible online

This is a huge shift for the lineage, I have spent the last month working out the logistics of it. I want to decentralise the teaching to make it more open and accessible to all, cheaper with a bigger community. As the videos can be watched online, that means that people can take classes at their own pace, without the rigidity of a 5 day class that might be hard to schedule. It is also helpful for people in alternative time zones, as it is available online I can bring the price down, which will make the work more accessible to people on lower incomes.

Teaching classes have been restructured

The current thinking is to make level 1 into the introductory class, I will offer a 3 day free trial for this. If students put the time in, they will be able to do the whole class in 3 days simply by watching videos and reading the notes. After 3 days there will be a charge of £39.95 applied unless the subscription is cancelled, which students are of course welcome to do. If they decide to stick with us for the £39.95 they will have 3 month access to the programme, so they can take the class at their own pace. In addition there will be online forums, so any questions can be answered by myself or the community, I will also be answering questions via v-blogs for a more personal touch. The introductory class is a great foundation for a beginner and an experienced healer alike, even if you have tons of experience in this field, you will be amazed how simple this work is. We just literally intend or think and the energies run. As far as I can tell, this is the most simple, yet effective form of healing around.

If you enjoyed the introductory level, you will love level 1 (the old level 2), because this is where the real magic begins. On this level we begin to deeply heal organs energetically, which often manifest improvements in the physical. Level 1 will mean that you can practice healing extremely well, I will certify the students who have completed this class as well as adding them to the practitioners portion of the website. To certify students with integrity I will need to have a 30 minute Skype session with each student to make sure that they full understand how to use the energies. They will also have access to the forum for 6 months so they can ask any questions of the community and myself. I will charge £249.95 for this. After the 6 months, if they still want the benefits of access to the members portion of the website, the price will be just £9.99 per month. If students feel they need some additional assistance, reduced price private sessions will be available from level one onwards.

The Level 2 (the old level 3) format will be exactly the same as level 1, however, each level will have individual forums as well as general discussion boards. In the forums you will be able to set up profiles and private message one another.

Teaching Member’s benefits

We are also planning Divine Empowerment merchandise like mugs, t-shirts and stickers. Members will have access to additional webinars, competitions to win prizes such as free sessions with me, merchandise and books.

This is a community, if you have any ideas on how we can make Divine Empowerment more accessible and better please let us know! The plan is to spread the love, allow people to take their physical, emotional, and spiritual health into their own hands, and to play a little part in the evolution of the human race so we are all a little kinder, healthier and happier.

I have my web developer Adele on the case sorting out the members area on the website at the moment and I am busy squirreling away making the videos, we hope to have this all up and running in the next few weeks.

Be well, be happy!



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