Incarnational Personality Bridging and Dyslexia

Dyslexia Personality - help with dyslexia

I come across more and more people who feel they don’t belong ‘here’, when I say “here” I mean quite literally on this planet, at this time. The world seems very harsh, many long to go ‘home’ not quite knowing where that is or indeed what that means.
Assuming that you believe in reincarnation or multiple simultaneous incarnations, there is a chance that part of the self has not fully come into form. That we have not fully incarnated.

Help with Dyslexia

I suffered with dyslexia at school. I had extra classes from the age of 7 right through to 18, with 25% extra time in my exams. My reading and spelling were awful and yet verbally I was well above average, I would also write backwards, in mirror language. The reading issue really got to me, I would stumble over my words in class and go bright red at every fall. Strangely I would also replace words with ones that I thought fit the story better, the meaning remained the same but I would re-write it as I read. My spelling was a disaster, I had a list of words to learn for a test every Monday, and practically my whole Sunday was spent with my parents trying in vain to ram them into my noggin.
I did some energy work on this ‘Incarnational Personality Bridging’ and my reading dramatically improved, as did my spelling. I read a page of writing now and providing I’m not tired or nervous, I barely falter. It’s incredible, one single session had more impact than 11 years of additional schooling.

Dyslexia Support

I feel blessed to have dyslexia as it means that I have a very expansive consciousness. I can see solutions to problems like webs in all directions, no set route, full of possibilities. Seemingly random connections are made to form the whole in record time. I had to learn to work the ‘normal’ more linear way so I could clearly explain how I came to my conclusions, it is far slower more cumbersome, rigid, and even oppressive. I still find spelling odd. Many of the rules make little sense to my highly logical brain, they are just plain weird at times. It has been helpful for me to have dyslexia, but we do live in a world ill-designed for people with it, so it is wonderful to have learnt to work like ‘normal’ people but with the extra expansive vision that it gave me.

Finding support groups

As well as learning difficulties or simply a brain that functions in a different way, there are other signs that you may not have fully incarnated. If you really feel that you don’t belong or can’t relate to people this could be why. I do make that statement with caution, as it also could be that you are hanging out with people at a different stage of their evolution, people who are also lost and stuck in fear. Sometimes we evolve faster than our peers and our motivations and loves no longer match theirs. This can be hard as we no longer fit the tribe, there are groups and communities to explore this. have lots of different groups we can join to investigate things that we may enjoy, maybe it’s healing, or it could also be art or music, whatever makes our hearts sing, that is what we should do, it creates less separation and more joy.
If you feel you don’t belong, and you have always felt that way, but now it is becoming less and less bearable, it might be that you have not fully bridged into this incarnation. It could explain learning difficulties and for some, even a sense of despair at the harshness of the world. Imagine coming from a place of pure divinity and bliss to this world full of greed, lack and sorrow. Incarnational personality bridging might help, I teach it on level 3. Students find a sense of belonging and connectedness to this planet and its inhabitants.
The technique is to bridge the client to where they left part of themselves and to magnetise their system so that the lost bits come back to the whole, and bridge the gap. It only takes a few minutes, although the integration may take several weeks.

If you would like more info or to book in, please look at the practitioners page and pick someone to work with.

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