Hooks and Breakups

Hooks and relationship breakup - divine empowermentIn intimate relationships we merge energetically with our partner; hearts literally beating as one. This is symbiotic and reassuring as we feel what the other is thinking, it can become quite empathetic and connected. The flip side is obsession, thinking about them all the time making us unproductive or in extreme cases turn us into stalkers.

I have a very quiet mind, I am a highly energetic and bouncy woman but there is complete stillness in my mind the majority of the time, I literally live in a meditative state. This has been the status quo for around seven years now except for when I liked a boy, then a broken record would play on, repeat thinking about him all the time, it was super distracting.

Hooks in relationships

What is worse is that, as my mind is so clear, there were no other thoughts to drown this out. It was literately the only thing I could think of. I decided to investigate what the heck was going on. I saw these energetic hooks between myself and my lovers. Hooks are in the mind, heart and genitals, it is really a merging of energy systems similar to a compound in chemistry.
Looking back to school days, we were taught about how elements fit together to make molecules. Basically, their outer shell of electrons is incomplete, so they join forces with another element to balance the number of electrons. They complete each other. This is what we do, there is a gap in our shell and we seek out another to make us feel more whole. It’s a lovely thing on a certain level but utterly co-dependant and not liberated. The ideal is to be a Noble gas as they are complete as solo agents, if they find another Noble gas they make a wonderful team. They don’t need anyone but boy if they find someone there will be wonderful consequences!

Effects of hooks

Hooks are coming from a place of co-dependency, you can only be hooked when there is an exposed emotional trauma, something raw that has yet to be processed. For me it was abandonment, and rejection which most of us have to varying degrees. I could remove the hooks energetically but as I hadn’t dealt with these issues more deeply, they would re-appear fairly quickly. It’s like a bulls-eye on our chests as soon as we like someone ding-ding-ding, these fears are brought to the surface.
What is worse is when these co-dependant relationships come to an end we are left completely lost and can’t get our partner out of our heads, they were balancing us, so without them we can’t cope. I had a client who was stalking his ex-girlfriend, showing up at clubs he was told she was at, sitting outside her house and work. It was a compulsion, this otherwise rational man could not break out of it.

Benefits of removing of hooks

I removed the energetic hooks from him, cleared her from his field and within a few seconds this story dropped away and he was free, obviously the underlying emotions then needed to be processed as well. The successful shift from this healing is profound.
The most significant hooks are from sexual relationships, but we can also pick them up at any point from day-to-day interactions. Anywhere we don’t feel whole is a target, it’s amazing how much lighter we feel when hooks are removed, it can completely shift our energy levels as well. Hooks are syphoning off our life force, our energy system is like buckets with life force coming in, the taps being: food, exercise, sleep, energy work, either channelling or tai-chi etc. The hooks are holes in the bucket, no matter how much we put in, it can never be full with all these lacerations. If the hooks are removed over the next few days, we notice significantly enhanced energy levels.
The topic of ‘Hooks’ is taught on the introductory level of Divine Empowerment, which will be available on the site in a few weeks, there is a 3 day Free Trial, so you can easily learn this technique to heal yourself and others.

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