The Nature of Time

the nature of time picTime is a concept I struggle with, it seems the more I learn, the less I understand.

Einstein said “For us believing physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one.”
“Every event echoes forward and backwards in time” is another way to look at it, it resonates on a deep level but living in the world the way we do it’s hard to swallow.

Thought and time

I often think of something, only to have it happen within moments. I wonder to myself if that is manifesting or precognition, and what the difference really is? I had a train journey a while ago that was surreal and mind bending. I was en route to visit a friend who lives on the opposite side of London. Whilst sitting on the tube I became very focused on the alarm. Pulling it at an inappropriate time means a hefty fine, a delay in service, not to mention angry passengers.
I was staring at this chain obsessed, I kept trying to look away but this force inside of me drew my attention to it. Every fibre of my being desperately wanted to yank it. I have never been on a train where the alarm has been activated in my 13 years of living in the capital. It is a very rare occurrence, I couldn’t help but stare at this thing, my fixation continued for 5 to 10 minutes. We pulled into a station and suddenly the alarm went off, 4 guards rushed into my carriage to check we were all okay. The computer had told them that the signal had come from my compartment. A guard walked straight up-to me I went bright read, horrified, I assumed I must have pulled the alarm subconsciously, that everyone had seen and that my savings would soon be the property of TFL. He shouted “Not this one”.
They went around each alarm and could not identify which one had been pulled. I sat there bemused, I thought to myself ‘did I do that?’. Then I became playful, ‘can I do it again?’ SO I decided to manifest someone in a ‘green coat’. I looked around and saw a gentleman in a lime green anorak. Logic struck and I thought I had probably seen this man before, that his image was in my subconscious, that it was recall, not manifesting. It was not a fair test to conjure something that was already in my periphery, it had to be new. So I asked for a ‘woman in a white coat’, I waited a moment and a lady in a white mink boarded the train. I thought ‘red hat’ as we arrived at the following stop a woman in a burgundy beret appeared, I said ‘no I want post box red’ as we pulled out of the station a lady ran onto the platform in a bright red trilby. Then I said ‘yellow handbag’ and a lady with one boarded the train.

Memory and time

Everything I thought of came into fruition. How? Was I manifesting or did I somehow know what was about to happen? This sort of thing occurs to me quite regularly, I think of something and then it appears. Was it always going to appear, or did I make it happen?
The scientist Bem did some interesting work on “feeling the future”, it shows the importance of studying for an exam after you have taken it, i.e. looking up all the answers you did not know. He showed students a list of 48 words for 3 seconds per word. They were then asked to write down all the words they could remember. That was the test. After which the students were shown ½ of the words for a second time and asked to sort them into animal, vegetable, or mineral categories this meant that they saw these words again -to see if their recall was better for the ones they saw twice. It was, the words they had seen after the test were recalled at odds of 500-1 better than the words they had only seen once ‘Retro recall’.

Intuition and time

We know things before they happen. Interestingly the 9/11 flights had significantly less passengers on them than the same planes on other days, without the hijackers the 4 planes on average were only 28.5% full, airlines do not operate at these sort of levels or they would make a loss. That means that a significant number of people had a bad feeling about those planes, they trusted their gut and chose to fly at a different time.

It seems we can feel the future, we need to start recognising it and trusting it. The more I study, the less I believe in free will. I believe in divine will, I believe we can have the illusion of free will or the defiance of divine will, but eventually the course will redirect itself and will be the way it is meant to be, the less we resist the smoother the ride.

Be well, be happy!


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