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I bet a few of you read the title of this blog and thought to yourselves, ‘That silly sausage Antonia got the ancient wisdom the wrong way around’. However, is it possible that we have been taught this universal ‘truth’ backwards?

Vibration and consciousness

I have been working with Michael Monk recently, if you don’t already know him, I recommend checking out his work it is very progressive and cutting edge. He has this revolutionary idea that “Physical light is the highest vibration our consciousness has ever been able to experience”.

He goes on to explain this notion in terms of a movie. If we were filming a stationary background for example some trees, and wanted to also record a solid object such as a rock, filming the rock at 2 frames per second it would look transparent even ghostly. If however we filmed it at 24 frames per second we would end up seeing a solid rock.
The physical world is vibrating so fast it feels concrete, as if it will always be there.
If we astral travel or dream of visiting different realms with our light body we are actually using a less dense energy in theta brain waves which is slow, 4 pluses per second, that is why the world around us feels less solid and why we can fly, shape-shift and walk through walls. It is a lesser level of energy that our consciousness has already mastered.

Health, consciousness and karmic issues

I wonder how this is sitting with you dear readers? I heard this idea only yesterday and happily paradigm shifted as the old way never felt right to me. Many teachers spend their time working with the light body and negate the physical form, finding it somehow less important. That always felt odd to me. In my teaching I work hard to encompass every piece of the puzzle, both in and out of form. I found it important to fortify the physical, to make that strong, densify. This helps to limit diseases, if our immune, endocrinal, and nervous systems are that of a gladiator we are very unlikely to get sick from a physiological perspective. There are karmic issues of course that need clearing, when those too are dissolved we should be healthy.
Alleged enlightened masters, with little control over their bodies have never sat well with me. There is no disease in enlightenment. Illness is a tool to teach us lessons, when we are sufficiently advanced and connected to source we no longer need to learn in this aggressive way.
As I see it education comes in the form of “a poke, a pinch, a slap then hit by a car”. Earth is grade school and we have signed up to learn certain things and the universe will teach us even if it kills us. The lessons can be soft and easy or they can be terminal.
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Fortifying the physical form is as important if not more so than the energy system, it is denser and thus harder to work with as it’s vibrating so fast. Mastery of the form allows mastery of the light body. It’s a bit like learning to drive a manual car, when you switch over to an automatic it is easy.
Well dear readers I hope this hasn’t been too hard a pill to swallow, do let me know what you think of this theory in the comments below, and please subscribe.
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