Spiritual Growth and Baptism, Near Death Experiences and Psychedelics

Near death experiences and spiritual growth

psychedelics, baptism near death experiences and spiritual growthTraditionally baptism is seen as re-birthing, the sins being washed away, emerging anew with a greater relationship to source, an opening of the soul, a deeper connection with The Divine. However, the modern day version feels mainly symbolic, they rarely have the profound life affirming effect we have heard of in the past. Why is this I wonder? Could it be due to technique? John the Baptist really took people on a journey, he is still famous over 2,000 years later for his work. What made his baptisms so special? My sense is that he held people under water for longer than we do now, to the point of drowning. I know this sounds a little radical, however the the spiritual growth effects are too close to Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) to be ignored.

When people are on their death beds experiencing NDE’s, they see the light, often a tunnel, sometimes speaking to deceased loved ones, or God, they come back changed, peaceful with heightened humility, psychic abilities and oneness. Bringing people to the point of death during baptism would cause this kind of life changing experience. It seems quite logical that is what was done in the past.
Of course taking people to the verge of drowning is not without risk, it would be one hell of a health and safety nightmare these days. There is another way. Ayahuasca and other psychedelics have the same sort of effect. Once taken you walk into a room and see the face of God, speak to the spirits and come back changed.

Psychedelics and spiritual growth

I think taking psychedelics is important for spiritual growth especially for atheists, if you want to find the truth for yourself through personal experience, it’s the way to go (of course in a controlled environment with expert guides). It is said that the double helix was discovered by James Watson and Francis Crick on an acid trip. Apple used to ask employees if they have ever taken psychedelics as they felt it expands consciousness and aids creativity. Steve Jobs even said “Taking LSD was one or two or three of the most important things” he ever did in his life.
Graham Hancock has a wonderful theory about human evolution. He believes that the progression from primitive man who stayed relatively still for thousands of years with the basic tools and living arrangements remaining largely the same. Followed by the sudden eruption of the Egyptian empire practically overnight was due to discovering a plant Acacia Nilotica which has high levels of DMT in the bark. He thinks they got high and creative whilst expanding their spiritual growth!

There is also a school of thought that the ancient civilisations with amazing astronomy, gleaned their knowledge through astral travel, possibly aided through plants or simply advanced meditation techniques.

Drugs that inhibit spiritual growth

We live in a funny world where many of us are drug addicts. Somehow caffeine, sugar, nicotine and alcohol are acceptable but psychedelics which may well expand our consciousness bringing us closer to God, making us more loving, compassionate, and heart centred, are totally taboo and illegal. Maybe this is in order to keep us receptive in an almost zombie like state, accepting all the injustices of the world and fixated on material things. Of course there are other ways to achieve spiritual growth. Meditation can get you there, really listening to Source who is there, always, when we slow down enough. The quieter our minds the easier it is to tune in.

If you want to find God there are options, 1. Hard core baptism 2. NDE’s but I wouldn’t go looking for this 3. Psychedelics 4. Deep thought and meditation. Pick your poison. I like personally like the 5th option which is the Divine Empowerment way, we simply awaken dormant structures within the human energy system, allowing greater peace, mind blowing healings, and a deeper connection to everything.

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