The human puzzle in spiritual practice

Timing is everything.

Dangers of incorrect spiritual practice

spiritual practice - divine empowermentSpiritual evolution, as with most things, requires proper timing; unfortunately this is seldom considered deeply enough.
Have you heard the horror stories about premature Kundulini Awakening? Enthusiastic spiritual newbies stumble across classes, jumping in full throttle without the energetic, emotional or physical evolution required, thus landing themselves in a whole heap of trouble. Awakening is quite a shock to the system which is why it takes time, even with the most advanced light technology. Practitioners use intense breathing techniques to get the kundulini flowing and it pops a gasket. This can result in issues such as back-pain or even psychosis lasting for minutes to years. Unfortunately if unresolved, they can end up on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals and ‘mental health’ concerns, indefinitely.

I had a client come to me as he regularly experienced violent pain several years after a rebirthing class. During the workshop the navel pain was excruciating, weeping eased it a little. He was completely numb for 17 hours post class, and no-one helped him. They cracked his Hara which is the centre of the energetic body. This is dangerous as it feeds life force to the whole of you.

Drug effects on spiritual practice

Drugs are another way to mess up our energy systems. Shamans formally medicated people who were ready to explore, these days we take drugs for fun and to connect often subconsciously without the expertise. I have helped many people who have taken too much ecstasy over the course of years or even a season in Ibiza. They become utterly ungrounded their lower chakras are functioning poorly whereas their higher ones work incredibly well, this imbalance leads to out of body experiences and frightening sleep paralysis. We have all heard of Ganga sending people doo-lally, again this is due to poor education and a gung-ho attitude.

Physical form and the spiritual energy system in harmony

Many spiritual classes have a ‘come-down’ period of integration, some degree of this is quite normal but I do feel it is antagonised by missing parts of the puzzle. From my experience most classes focus on the certain parts of the energy system and totally negate the physical form, I find this reckless and naïve. We are energetic beings living in physical form, we need to awaken every part of ourselves to be truly awake. If we illuminate the energy system without the physical, there is huge internal turmoil, the two parts do not sit well together. The above examples demonstrate that the emotional, physical, and energetic bodies need to all wake up in unison to have a complete experience and a soft ride; it does not have to be hard. It is illogical and traumatic to do half the job where awakening is concerned.

Correct foundation of spiritual practice

In Divine Empowerment we focus quite heavily on the physical form. We make sure that every organ is working well and upgrade all the bodily systems before we get into the heavy lifting for the energy systems. Humans are so complex, like a million piece jigsaw, we start with the edge pieces that will lead and support the whole structure before we progress to the more complex areas. Noticing and activating all areas once the spiritual  foundation is secure, ensuring we are emotionally physically and energetically fit enough to progress safely. Meaning that we also have the juice to do ground breaking work for others.

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