The Honeymoon Effect

‘The Honeymoon Effect’ on the body

honeymoon effect and hormonal balance - Divine EmpowermentAnyone who has ever been ‘In Love’ knows that it is a drug, a really powerful drug! We can become completely in-toxified by it, it can feel like ecstasy full of joy and happiness. We feel more at ease with ourselves and the world. We don’t sweat the small stuff we are heart centred and kind to everyone and everything. There is a spring in our step a smile on our faces, bliss exudes from every pore. Anyone who has ever had a break messy break up knows the deep pain and suffering caused by a broken heart. Cold turkey hurts whether it is heroin or love hormones.

In 1999 university of Pisa Psychiatrist Dr Donatella Marazziti, decided to look at the similarities between obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and new-romantic-love. There are so many love songs related to falling madly in where you can’t get your partner out of your head, infact many love birds state that they think of their beau from dawn until dusk. The study took blood from 3 groups of people, the first in the new throngs of love, the second with pathological OCD and the third a control with neither new nor love or OCD. They found that the OCD and the new love participants both had low levels of the hormone 5HT this is a protein that transports serotonin between brain cells. It was however was short lived the levels of 5HT normalise after a few months. The study concluded that falling insanely in love is an abnormal state as love songs suggest. It is an obsessive, intense, imbalance in our bodies.

‘The Honeymoon Effect’ link to hormones

Proteins are certainly a major factor in love-sickness, as are hormones.

Cortisol which is related to pain and pleasure floods in when we are madly in love. Testosterone levels go up in the first throws of passion in both men and women. Oestrogen increases which fuels fertility in women and matures sperm in men.

Dopamine is released into the pleasure reward area of the brain the nucleus acumens. This is also activated by pleasurable and potentially addictive substances such as cocain, heroin, sex, gambling, shopping and fatty foods. Too much stimulation followed by with-drawl leads to desperate cravings and often the compulsion of addiction. When addicts enter the 12 step program for they are advised not to initiate a romantic relationship for at least a year after they have finished treatment as often people substitute substance abuse for the high they get from love. If this love is short lived it can of course spiral them back into their addiction.

Vasopressin is the hormone to do with attraction and anxiety, scent marking in animals, it makes partners attentive, monogamous but sometimes overly possessive.

Oxytocin is the most commonly known love hormone. It is released through kissing, cuddling, touching and sex. It aids bonding and connection trust.

Serotonin is also released when falling in love, this is the hormone that is synthesised by many anti-depressants, an excess of it however can lead to addiction, obsession and aggression.

It is tempting to find a chemist who can put all these hormones into one little pill so we can have this falling in love wondrous feeling at all times. Unfortunately it is not that simple we need them all in balance and for these chemicals to go to the right places, Divine Empowerment can help.

Hormones are important for break ups elevated serotonin levels can lead to the aggression, we see this when people smash their ex’s car windows or generally want to fight and destroy property.

‘The Honeymoon Effect’ workshop for improving hormonal balance

Grieving for a partner since departed has energetic reasons as well as chemical ones. When we fall in love our energy systems combine, often we hear about partners “completing” us this can actually be the case energetically. There might be elements missing in us that our partner is able to share and visa-veras. We become stronger as a team. In addition to this we join together energetically in a romantic relationship through our hearts, groins, and brains. Have you notices that when you are deeply in love with a partner you can read their thoughts? You can be in a bubble the 2 of you feeling so connected. Thoughts are energy so a deep intimacy can lead to a sort of telepathy.

In Divine Empowerment level 4 there is a treatment called ‘The Honeymoon Effect’. We energetically optimise and stabilise all the hormones that are part of falling in love. It’s an interesting shift as you feel the effects of being in love. For me that is dancing around the house, grinning like a Cheshire cat, singing to myself, excess energy, plus of course being less quick to anger. It is really a beautiful thing but slightly surreal as there is no object of your affections rather you are ‘in-love’ with everyone and everything, I think this is a step towards ‘awakening’. As we are working the ‘Auto Flower Of Life’ divine energy the levels of these hormones energetically remain the best they can be no-matter what outside stimulation may occur.

Life is bountiful when you are in love, with this treatment it is also stable and sustainable.

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