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What is the Flower Of Life?

Flower of Life, FOL Divine Empowerment

Flower Of Life (FOL) is an ancient symbol know by many. It can be found in pyramids dating back thousands of years. It is said to be the blueprint of the universe but what does that mean and how can it help us?

According to some, the story Genesis where God created the world in 7 days is actually a representation of the FOL. Source was the only thing, so there was no up, down, left or right. Source went in each direction through the middle drew and a line all the way around creating a circle.

Flower of Life, FOL Divine EmpowermentThen from the centre of that circle drew 6 more which crossed each other on the sides, this is called the seed of life. Each circle is one of the days in the story (6 circlers and a day off).

The Flower Of Life is the Seed Of Life with an additional layer of circles. It is a geometric shape in which all the ‘platonic solids’ basically all the shapes there are can fit into.

To me it is the smallest lego block of creation the perfect blueprint of all that exists. It is the foundation of the universe, and we can play with it.

Teaching the Flower Of Life (FOL) workshop

In level 2 I teach my students how to use the beginning of the FOL. We are able to access around 30% of its potential at this point, in level 4 we can use 40%. The healings we do are profound and often life changing. We first seek to find out why an ‘organ’ is functioning poorly by dowsing the following questions:-

1) What is organ ‘X’ currently functioning at?

2) What was it working at conception?

3) If it was not 100% at conception is that due to genetics on the Mothers or Fathers side or was it a past life issue?

4) At what ages did it decline?

5) Why did it go down? Was the issue Electrical / Emotional / Biochemical / Structural / Spiritual?

Benefits of FOL on the glands

Piecing together the puzzle, figuring out why the organ is not working at its optimal level. We give people a story they can relate to, often including ages they can remember specific traumas from. Then we use the FOL, the lego blocks of the universe the perfect blueprint of an organ, this we energetically lay on the poorly functioning physical organ. Within a few hours or days the faulty organ becomes the best version of itself, often for the first time.

If we are working on showy organs like the Small Intestine or the Adrenals, clients literally feel like ‘Superheros’ -they have so much energy. The Small intestine is responsible for 90% of absorption of vitamins and minerals, if this is not functioning well little nutrition is getting through no matter how healthy our diets are. The adrenals are responsible for our stress hormones, these often get overused leaving us depleted and exhausted. Fixing these organs with the FOL is deeply transformative for most people.

The level 4 FOL is far superior as we can do several systems (collections of organs) at a time.

If you would like to learn how to work with the FOL, why not sign up to level 1, or of course you could book in for a session with any of the practitioners on the website.

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