Karmic Implants

I have come to learn that karma is not quite what I thought it was.

What is Karma?

karmic implants picKarma is said to be universal balance, we act in a certain way and the same kind of thing happens to us, we may also get rewarded or chastised. I agree with this in regards to ‘Instant Karma’, if I have a mean thought about someone which does happen from time to time I tend to stub my toe or cut my finger. If I do something selfless a wonderful experience may well unfold shortly after.

Instant karma makes total sense to me it’s Newtonian Physics “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

The other type of karma, where we did something in a past life and now the consequences appear, makes less sense. If we are here to learn lessons from our past actions and don’t remember what happened previously the lesson plan is floored. Why would an all loving god seek retribution for something we don’t even remember doing?

I think it works in an entirely different way. I believe between lives we go and stand in-front of a big screen, we pick lessons to learn in our next incarnation. Life is grade school, we have a certain number of lessons that we need to learn before we can return to our true nature back home to divinity. We all chose to do this for better or worse, getting lost to find our way home.

Lessons of Karma

So, as I see it, we stand in-front of this big screen and pick between 20 and 100 lessons. If we choose 20 we will have an easy ride but it will take longer to get home, 100 could be a pretty hard life. It also depends if we are ‘quick studies’ i.e. learn the lessons fast and easily or if we choose to ignore them. The universe in all its wisdom then starts to teach us.

So, the lessons come initially in a small way something minor happens, for example we lose our phone. There are 2 ways to deal with this:-

1) We react with grace and dignity, we take a good look for it, turn out our bags, retrace our steps speak to people in the vicinity. If we still can’t find it we call up and cancel the phone, this is what insurance is for, we are all backed up it’s a bit inconvenient but not a huge deal.

2) We freak the hell out, screaming, crying, being destructive to our own and others property, ruining everyone else’s evening by constantly complaining about it.

This is school, who passed the test?

When I loose things and behave with grace and dignity I tend to get them back, they miraculously appear where I had previously looked. It’s a test to see I have indeed got over my issue around loss.

If we don’t behave elegantly the lesson gets more severe. I call it “A poke, a pinch, a slap, then hit by a car”. It is the same lesson but as we didn’t hear it and learn from it, the universe has to make it more prominent.

We may notice a theme in our life one particular problem will re-occur. These are the lessons we signed up for and by hook or by crook we will learn them even if they kill us.

Karmic Implants

Karmic implants I believe are the lessons. They are a magnet for certain situations, if we don’t hear the first, second and third time the lessons become seemingly more harsh. It’s just a lesson we need to learn it and move on.

In Divine Empowerment level 3 we learn to remove ‘Karmic implants’ in ourselves and others. This means that old record no longer needs to play and we are freed from what many perceive as karma. We have to see the lesson and the theme to remove them, and once they have been cleared if the same thing happens it has no substance to it so we don’t freak out, we act with grace and dignity. It really simplifies our lives when are reactions are not frenzied.

As consciousness is evolving at such a fast rate ‘Karmic implants’ have become available to clear, there is much to do, so more and more efficient ways are coming through in a variety of modalities. Light technology is evolving in line with computer technology.

What do you think? Does this resonate?

Let us know and I hope to see you in a class some time!

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