DNA Activation / Mutation

This is an exert from David Wilcocks new book ‘The Synchronicity Key’. It is about how scientists are able to change DNA. I work a lot with DNA activation and I found this piece fascinating and encouraging.

I highly recommend his previous book as well ‘Source Field Investigations’ it is the science behind the universe clearly explained – all the bits you know in your heart but can’t express. It is a beautiful way to deepen your wisdom and expand your horizons.

DNA Activation-Mutation

Benefits of DNA activation

Have you ever imagined yourself experiencing higher states of consciousness? Imagine constantly receiving guidance and knowledge from your Higher Self to rise above daily mental and emotional dramas. Plus activating your intuition to know exactly what your life’s purpose is. Imagine enjoying excellent health and experiencing a life full of vitality and energy. The truth is you already have all these abilities within you, they are just in a dormant state. DNA Activation is the process that allows you to activate these abilities and many more.

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