Treating Tiredness and Depression

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Have you noticed that depressed people are always tired? If this is the case, is it the depression that is making them tired or the tiredness that is making them depressed? That is the question I always consider when treating tiredness and depression.

Symptoms of tiredness and depression

Have you ever been on a flight, getting up at some ungodly hour, arriving to a mile-long check-in-line. You stand there dazed for a while watching people repack their bags in front of you, holding everyone up. Next you queue at security trying not to look shifty, wondering if eye contact makes you look like a terrorist or if averting you gaze is the clue? Then you find out that your plane has been delayed for 5 hours, you long for your warm bed. There is little to do but wonder around duty-free for a while buying the obligatory shades and flip-flops the ladies may even pop into Mac. You eventually board the full plane, your companion is on the others side of the aircraft. You have an overweight person to your left who is taking up a portion of your seat and a giant to your right whose legs are protruding into your leg room. In short you are to spend the next 8 hours in an ‘S’ shape with no chance of respite. Finally you arrive in paradise, but loading transfer bus takes forever as some of the passengers have decided to hit the airport bar, and can’t be easily retrieved. Once boarded the coach drops everyone off but you, you are the last, you have been sitting there for what seems like an eternity. Eventually you arrive at your gorgeous hotel to be told that your room is not ready, by now you have been up and travelling for over 24 hours and all you want is a siesta before dinner.

After the ordeal tempers are frayed and even a ‘throw away’ comment from your companion results in a row, or at the very least a heavy sigh, and maybe a tear? Bottom line, when you are exhausted you don’t deal with life well. Sometimes you go into yourself and become quiet, overwhelmed.

If you were as tired as described all the time, how would your mood be? Would you be out with friends playing sports, or at the pub indulging in stimulating banter? Or would you be desperate for bed and exhausted by most interactions?

I have recently been working on people with tiredness and depression. It is said that “repressed anger leads to depression” which I fully understand. There is of course a huge emotional trauma side to the illness. I also know that it is significantly harder to deal with situations when you are tired.

Body functions that control tiredness and depression

The 2 major organs responsible for energy levels are the Small intestine (SI) and the Adrenals.

90% of absorption of vitamins and minerals happens in the Small Intestine, meaning the nutrition that fuels the body starts from there. If you were a raw food, juicing, supplement taking extremely healthy person whose SI was working at 10%, versus a person who was eating processed fast food whose SI was functioning at 100%, guess who would be getting the most nutrition? Not the raw foody! Diet is important but the buck stops with absorption in the SI. If the fuel is not getting to the organs how can you expect them to work well? It’s like a car running on empty, it won’t get you very far. Nutrition is not the whole story, although it is of course important for health.

Your Adrenals are little triangular shaped glands located just above the kidneys, they are a hormone factory. Adrenalin is produced in the adrenals, it is the stress hormones which prepare the body for ‘fight or flight’ as in running away from a threat or engaging in combat. With the stressful lives we live the adrenals are often working overtime and get fatigued (more on the adrenals in next week’s blog post titled ‘Stress and Illness’). This leads to extreme tiredness and depression and conditions like ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ and ‘adrenal fatigue’.

Alternative therapy treatments for tiredness and depression

Conventional medicine and most healing modalities find organs in general and certainly the SI and adrenals hard to treat fast or successfully. Conversely ‘Divine Empowerment’ has found an extremely effective way. Level 2 students are able to use ancient light technology through the ‘Flower of Life’ to energetically overlay the blue print the optimally functioning organ over the poorly functioning physical one. Within a few hours or days the physical organ becomes the best version of itself often the best it has ever been.

When ‘Divine Empowerment’ students treat poorly functioning SI or adrenals clients energy levels sky rocket! In-fact when I treat people I warn them that they will “Feel like Superman”. They tend to spring clean like crazy or go out and party hard with this new found vitality.

Having energy means you have a spring in your step. Life is more joyful and less overwhelming. We ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ in quite the same way. There is of course more to depression than energy levels the emotions need to be processed too, but it’s a big step in the right direction!

Don’t worry we can help with the emotional side too!

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Be well, be happy!


Antonia Harman


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