Universal Essences

Discovering Universal Essences

galaxy_universe-normalI am coming to the end of teaching my level 1 class in Bilthoven, Holland. I have had a great time with lovely students and wonderful host Else. Whist teaching I discovered a fantastic new energy that I am calling ‘Universal Essences’. Literally essence of anything from the Universe. In class we were channelling  ‘Essence of Lion’ which made the students feel strong, dominant, courageous and grounded. We did ‘Essence of Fairy’ which made us so playful and joyful, we were giggling with love in out hearts. ‘Angel Essence’ was connected and light. Dolphin was heart-felt, expansive, flowing. Just for fun I suggested we tried ‘Essence of Slug’ which surprisingly made us feel big and with direction, calm and steady.  This exercise would be really useful if we would like to relate to a person on an issue, to help with empathy, especially if the views we hold are very different to theirs -to walk in their shoes so to speak.

Applying Universal Essences

Now these universal essences can also be used as ‘real world flavours’, to show this I took a bottle of red wine and I poured out a glass each with a ‘control glass’. We all added different flavours to our glass, we started with dark chocolate, then chilli, oak was a good one. It was quite amazing to test our glasses against the control glass, it did taste noticeably different from original wine. It is also possible to attune the wine so it becomes similar to one we particularly like, I brought the taste of Borollo to my glass, it was delicious.

Healing can be a really magical and playful journey… we certainly had a lot of fun :).

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