One-to-One Healing Session with Vanessa

£295 50 minutes

Bespoke Healing Session – 50 minutes

From a young age, Vanessa knew her purpose was to help people heal, overcome adversities, and reach their full potential. Through a lifelong commitment to spiritual practices, along with her intuitive healing abilities, she empathises, analyses, and offers therapeutic support.

Her non-judgmental approach, shaped by personal experiences and an understanding of universal law, creates a safe space for others to navigate life’s challenges. She specialises in unlocking potential, releasing trauma, and overcoming various issues.

Driven by her loving nature, she’s compelled to empower those struggling to see their true selves. In a gentle and supportive environment, she helps individuals shed what no longer serves them, allowing them to feel lighter and healthier.

As a Divine Empowerment Advanced Practitioner Level 14, Spiritual Advisor, Usui Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Healer, and more, she feels blessed to offer her services and recognise the beauty in each person’s journey; it’s time to embrace our true essence and support each other on this path.