One-to-One Healing Session with Trish

£295 50 minutes

Bespoke Healing Session – 50 minutes

Trish has been an artist in Melbourne for 30 years, with a passion for all things luminous and a belief in the transformative power of focused intention. This belief initiated her journey and the mindset that led to her Divine Empowerment activation.

She encourages those awaiting a pivotal moment or miracle to take action and create that miracle for themselves. One heartfelt, courageous step leads seamlessly to the next.

Trish believes that releasing trauma is key to accessing more of oneself and finding peace in the magical space that exists between all things. She empathises with the fluctuating journey of the artistic process and understands the inner strength needed to walk that path. By reframing the creative struggle and working with what is achievable, she helps others create significant shifts.

Joy and gratitude are her daily practices. With a gentle personality, Trish believes that healing often requires a soft initial step.

Passionate about Divine Empowerment (DE), Trish knows that releasing trauma opens up incredible bandwidth for life. As a Level 14 practitioner, she utilises a vast range of healing energies within DE, tailoring plans specifically for each individual to achieve the best outcomes.

With a naturally healing frequency and a connection to the angelic realm, Trish is dedicated to helping others succeed in life. Her driving force is empowering others, helping them step into the driver’s seat of their own lives.