One-to-One Healing Session with Alicia

£295 50 minutes

Bespoke Healing Session – 50 minutes

Alicia has been a practitioner in wholistic healing and natural medicine for many years.

Her journey began by being challenged to have a wholistic massage, which had such a profound effect upon her that she chose to train as a therapist,

studying at the Mueller College in San Diego, California. The college was the first of its kind to work with the whole body, mind and soul healing, using the power of touch and massage.

After several years in this field, Alicia’s journey continued into Western Herbal Medicine, Colonic Hydrotherapy and Iridology through the College of Herbs and Natural Healing,

Scottish School of Herbal Medicine and Westminster University, culminating in an MSc in Herbal Medicine.

Through her own personal healing work and as a practitioner with others, it became very clear the role that emotional blocks played in achieving real wellness.

The quest for more Spiritual Intuitive development continued in Sound Healing, EFT, EmoTrance, Dowsing, Kinesiology, HeartMath, coaching and trauma release.

Discovering Divine Empowerment has been such an expansive tool for healing and now having Level 14 Energetic Cellular Regeneration, the healing potentials are immense.

Alicia sees herself as a metaphysical detective, coaching and drawing out the history that has created trauma in an individual, turning it into their own personal wisdom, and allowing them permission to be their whole self with unlimited potential.