Do emotions cause disease? What is energy healing?

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What is energy healing, and how does it help us to heal emotionally?

Now, this piece is a little way down the rabbit hole. It’s for the initiated who already understand how much thought causes illness. Please do let me know what you think.

Energy healing is the original form of medicine. Modern/allopathic/western medicine has only been around in its current state for approximately one hundred years. Healing, however, goes back millennia, probably since the dawn of man. Archaeologists have found papyrus showing the laying of hands to alleviate pain dating back to 1500 BC over three and a half thousand years ago.

One of the underlying principles of energy healing is that prevention is better than a cure. Healers work to keep you well rather than treat the sick. In the past, Chinese people would have a standing appointment with their doctors every few weeks or months. The doctor’s job was to keep their patients in good health with medicine, acupuncture, cupping etc., interestingly the doctors were not paid if their patient became ill, which is an entirely different approach to what we do today.

Stagnation is the underlying reason for illness; we need flow in our bodies. Energy healing gets things moving and releases stuckness, regardless of whether it’s emotional, physical or energetic.

Energy healing comes in many forms; in fact, it refers to any form of therapy that works to restore health energetically.
I will give you some examples:-

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been around for millennia. Asian Doctors understand that emotions correspond to organs. If you have too much anger, for example, it compromises the liver and gall bladder. The liver also relates to frustration, resentment, depression and impatience. The gall bladder relates to over-controlling ourselves and others, controlling anger, frustration, judgment and rigidity of the body and mind.

The liver has layers of stored anger and frustration. When we push the anger down and control it, we affect the gall bladder causing reflux.

Chinese Doctors work to clear stagnations in the mind, body, and spirit with various techniques, including cupping, medicines, and acupuncture.

Acupuncture uses needles in blocked meridians which are energy pathways corresponding to organs to get chi or subtle energy flowing.

It’s interesting to know that meridians have even been discovered by mainstream science – they injected dye into meridian pathways versus random areas, and the pathways showed up under CT scans.
The word Reiki originates from the Japanese word’s ‘rei’, meaning universal and ‘ki’, meaning life force.
Reiki is a popular and nourishing form of energy healing. It involves the gentle laying of hands, symbols and intention. Practitioners are a conduit for universal energy, which restores balance to the body mind and spirit.

Many people trust in reiki to alleviate pain, stress and anxiety, which is why it’s now offered as a complementary therapy in some NHS trusts. It was also one of the first treatments to help AID’s patients in the ’80s before a mixed medical cocktail was discovered.

Crystal healing
Crystals emit energy that can help with all kinds of things; they can help attract love, protect you from negative energy or electromagnetic fog, and aid with healing. Each crystal has specific qualities; when buying crystals, let yourself be drawn to it without judgement, then look up what the crystal does; you may find it does exactly what you need?

Diamond wedding rings are, of course ubiquitous, this makes sense as diamonds have particular attributes. Diamonds are a symbol of white light, which bring your life into cohesion; they bond relationships bringing love and clarity into a partnership. They enhance love and are a sign of commitment and fidelity, so very fitting for an engagement ring.

Chakra healing is currently en vogue with significant brands like Aveda / Accessories selling sprays and products to enhance their function. There are seven major chakras which are the seven colours of the rainbow. They all have specific functions, from enhancing psychic abilities to grounding and personal power. One of the most important things is to balance chakras. The base chakra is often somewhat stuck and murky; it’s a spinning wheel of red light when functioning optimally. People may experience unplanned and unwanted out of body experiences if their higher chakras work well and their lower ones are blocked.

Divine Empowerment is my brand of energy healing. I have developed a way to dissolve trauma instantly. Trauma is stagnated energy that is stuck in your field. When you spend time with someone upset or happy, you sense it immediately. Their mood follows them much like a perfume would. I have taken this one step further to dissolve the emotion around trauma. All clients need to recall the memory, open Pandora’s box as it were, and feel what they feel. As soon as they do that, I can dissolve the emotion, so the memory remains, but their pain is gone forever; the Buddhists call it ‘non-attachment; I call it ‘fast track forgiveness’.

In my model, disease is trapped emotion layer upon layer of upset, densified into a dis-ease or lack of ease. Disease fits into three categories gas-liquid or solid.

A gas-based disease is a thought based disease such as depression, its energy surrounding them like a dark fog, which others can easily feel. If emotional energy isn’t released and keeps flowing into a finite space, it cools and runs out of room, it becomes a liquid.

Some examples of liquid disease are cysts which are a ball of fluid and chronic pain such as fibromyalgia. Fibro behaves like a liquid as it doesn’t have a fixed location rather, it flows around the body; sciatica does the same.

So, what happens when even more trauma thought goes into a finite space? It cools and vibrates less, becoming a solid. What is a solid disease? Cancer tumours are very hard to touch; they are caused by years of upset thoughts.

Disease is frozen thought.

The good news is that my team and I can dissolve frozen thoughts and maybe even resolve some dis-eases? I have had incredible results with gas and liquid diseases, and we are branching into solids.

As with most things in life, you need to work out what is best for you. Although all healing arts have benefits, it’s essential to find the right fit both with the modality and the practitioner; shop around until you find what’s right for you.

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