Could the sword in the stone be real?

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This week I wanted to share a rather special story. I wrote this blog five years ago so you may well not have seen it? My new practitioners and I were discussing matter changing stage, from a solid to a liquid to a gas which is much of my work currently. I feel state changes this way and reversed may be the key to much of dis-ease reversal and the alchemy of enlightenment! SO big stuff.

The sword in the stone is a story of turning stone/metal into liquid and removing it as it re-forms into solid. Now, this actually does happen in tornados and has been mimicked in labs.

You may well have heard the legend of Kind Arthur and Merlin before but not have linked it to science? I hope you enjoy my musings.

I have a feeling that many legends could actually be literal. In modern times many of us have closed our minds to the prospect of magic. The more I learn the more I believe that anything is possible.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Arthur C Clarke”

I know that they say King Arthur and Merlin were not real rather an archetype. There was potentially a warrior who fought against the Saxons in the 5th or 6th century, who it could have been? Also, his adventures could have been an amalgamation of a few people? Much like with Christianity, it is thought that Jesus wasn’t born and did not die on the dates we celebrate but rather they were ancient religious holy days that got interwoven into the Christian faith.


King arthur and Merlin

The Legend of King Arthur

The legend of King Arthur tells of a young man who was the bastard son of Uther, born of magic as Uther had a thing for the Duke of Tintagel’s wife, Ygraine. The Duke rather liked his own wife and denied Uther access to her, there was even a battle to retrieve her to no avail.

Melin the wizard

Uther asked Merlin to shape shift him to look like the Duke of Tinagel. Uther snuck into their castle and spent a passionate night with her disguised as The Duke, her husband.

Uthers deal with Merlin was that any child born of this union was to be given to Merlin. Shortly after the Duke was killed in battle, Uther then took Tintagel and Ygraine as his wife. A baby was born who they called Arthur, they reluctantly gave Arthur to Merlin.

Merlin gave Arthur to Sir Ector to raise but he was thought he was bastard (which he was) so he was looked down upon and teased. Shortly after Uther Pendragon fell ill and died, there was chaos throughout the land as no-one knew he had a son and everyone wanted the throne. Merlin was asked to help out, so embedded an enchanted sword into a stone with the inscription:

‘Whoso pulleth out this sword from this stone, is the right wise King born of all England’

For years many tried to remove the sword as England fell into greater and greater ruin, no one was able to budge it. Merlin befriended Arthur, tutored him. He explained that knowledge was a greater power than force. When Merlin was convinced that Arthur was wise and ready to rule at the ripe old age of 15, he assembled a crowd to the sword in the stone. Sir Ector’s son went first, but the sword remained firmly lodged. Then came Arthur’s turn, the sword was easily freed and Arthur was crowned king of England, or so the legend goes.

So swords in stones, is that even possible? It sounds implausible I know. This is where we need to get into quantum physics, really the magic of science where much of the weird and wonderful stuff happens.

As we know according to legend Arthur was able to dislodge Excalibur from an enchanted stone. Doing so meant he was crowned King of all England.

Has this type of thing happened before or since? Well yes, in tornados.

Magic and Quantum Physics

Here is the science of how this may have actually been possible.
If you accelerate a cluster of protons, neutrons, electrons and even whole atoms past the speed of light they go into a wave-like-state, where they no longer appear to exist; they visibly disappear. They pop in and out of a parallel reality called time-space where time is 3D, (we live in space-time) they lose mass, as in they weigh less on a scale which can take around 20 minutes to return. Gravity and time are interconnected.

According to Newton:-
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Gravity which we know so well, has a lesser known counterpart ‘Levity’, what goes up must go down, the upward motion is levity. The downward pushing force of gravity wins the tug of war but only just, if we did not have an upward force we would likely be crushed by gravity.

Atoms and molecules are nothing more than vortexes within gravity, nothing is solid on a quantum level. In Larson’s model there are only 3 real dimensions, space and time are one and the same. Then there are 2 parallel realities, where space in one creates time in the other and vice versa.

Atoms are constantly popping between the parallel realities when in time-space they appear fluid-like. In 1982 Princeton scientists discovered that atoms become fluid like when kept at super-cold temperatures and zapped with a powerful magnet.

“The electrons… seemed to ‘cooperate’ and work together to form what scientists call a quantum fluid’, an extremely rare situation where electrons act identically, in lockstep more like soup than as individually spinning units”

So soup, the solid matter becomes like soup? I know that this is under extreme conditions but an interesting idea to build upon.

Theoretically, an atom in space-time gets pushed downward by gravity, but once in time-space it gets pushed up by levity. To get an object to levitate you would need to bring it to a point between space-time and time-space. This is a side note, but we all want a magic carpet right? Well, this is the physics of how to make it happen! I love this picture, Burning Man revellers are the first modern people to have a magic carpet! Wonderful. LOL

Gravity and Levity - Divine Empowerment

Tornadoes and matter blending

Levity would need to balance out gravity, between the 2 realities, if pushed too far into time-space it would dematerialise, it would also drop as its opposite over there.

Let’s look at tornados, the conventional school of thought is that the levitation is caused by air suction. However, this might not be the entire cause or even the main cause? There are many cases of people, animals, objects, even entire homes being re-located –just think wizard of Oz. Okay, okay I know the wizard of Oz isn’t a documentary, but whole houses have been documented, even on government websites to be transported large distances without being damaged. Why are the homes not damaged?

The wind speeds can be in excess of 300 mph in the most extreme of cases, most tornados, however, have wind speeds of less than 110 mph which is still pretty darned fast, and certainly enough to rip anything to shreds. It’s not just that the object would be torn apart, the other debris would smash in and destroy whatever was inside the eye of the storm. Unless something doused with ‘magic’ was afoot…

matter blending and cyclones

Onto matter-blending, in a tornado objects can become soft and spongy and actually merge with each other without breaking. The solid matter becoming ‘soup’. That is assumedly how the houses and other objects caught in a tornado don’t always get ripped to shreds.

There are many examples of matter blending in a tornado. In Freaks of the Storm climatologist, Dr. Randy Cerveny tells of how a Minnesota tornado “split open a tree, jammed in an automobile and clamped the tree shut again” in 1919. What a wonderful image that would have been!

I have found some pictures to illustrate this phenomenon:-


Matter blending

The first photo of matter blending, we can clearly see the plank stuck in a brick wall, it really should have bounced off it, not merged with it.

matter blending

The second of matter blending above is a plank embedded in a tree, you will notice that the wood is in perfect condition. It looks brand new, it hasn’t splintered or been damaged in the slightest.

In the final photo of matter blending, we can see a metal chair embedded in a wall.

matter blending

Excaliber being a sword was metal. This picture shows a chair embedded in a wall. So if it’s possible in nature and in labs why not as a spiritual superpower or Sidhhi?

Mic drop!

Let me know what you think of this article, it’s profound and fascinating topic. Could the sword in the stone be real!?

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