Welcome Newbies And Class Videos

Hey Tribe

I want to extend a warm welcome to all of the wonderful people I met at the Mind Body Spirit workshop on Monday! 62 new subscribers, 62 new people interested in Divine Empowerment.
Thank you.

The footage is still being edited, I hope to have it for you in next weeks newsletter.

I do have footage from the class that I taught last weekend. As we know a picture is worth a thousand words, well a video must be worth even more.

Both of these were shot on the second day of level 1. This is the first time they have ever used these energies, I threw them in at the deep end and they were all incredible. I awaken these abilities in all my students, and they work the first time and every time.

This video is The Big Eraser -for erasing trauma
This video is also The Big Eraser for erasing Phobias

If you like what you see why now join me in class on the 13/14th June or the 18/19th of July. Please email me for more details, or check out my site.

For all the up-to-date videos please follow my YouTube.

I also post daily to my Instagram 

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


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