How I Helped Georgia Harrison Prepare for her FAME MMA Fight Happening Tonight!

Hey Tribe,

As you saw last week, I worked on Georgia Harrison ahead of her FAME MMA fight tonight. I filmed another video for her explaining what we did and also giving her an MOT full body check and fixing her nervous system which was below par.

Click HERE to watch the video. You will really get a feel for what I do.

I’m very excited to see the fight this evening. We are speaking before she goes in the ring to clear any inevitable nerves. Darren is an ex-pro Mauy Thai fighter so he will also be pep-talking her. We will of course watch the fight. He can guide me as to where she need some energetic support. I can then pump her up so she has more, speed, agility, strength etc. If you want to watch the fight pls click HERE to purchase your tickets.

By the way thanks for all your engagement well wishes. It’s so wonderful to have you all in the Tribe.

With love,


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