Healing Georgia Harrison in Stunning Samui

Hey Tribe,

I’m still in Koh Samui, Thailand, and a newly engaged woman.

Well this trip has been quite a ride. From a mouldy Airbnb, we ended up in back to back 5* luxury. We stayed at the W, and the Ritz-Carlton. We were so well looked after by the Marriott group – upgrades and love all around.



From one of the swankiest hotels I’ve ever stayed in, the ruddy Ritz no less, we moved to a traditional boxing Thai boxing gym. Lamai Muay Thai was Darren’s old home. It’s hard core here. Up at 6:30 am to train, kicking, punching, elbows, squats, running. Wow! Two hours training then again in the evening. As well as yoga, ice baths, massage, cupping, spine realigning from Mr Miyagi, delicious organic home made food and smoothies, in the sunshine this is the place to get fit let me tell you. What more could you ask for?

Darren had the idea a few weeks back that we needed a reality TV star to get the ball rolling and drum up some social media following. Well all I can say is our manifesting is on point. None other but the gorgeous Georgia Harrison, star of TOWIE, and Love Island is training at my camp. Say what?! What’s even more amazing is that she is training for a celeb Mixed Martial Arts fight on the 14th December. Its her first fight, it’s in a big arena, and will be streamed live. Talk about nerve wracking. I was tasked with getting her mentally fight ready.

So we decided to take a ride back to the W and do some healing in a beautiful spot. We also worked on her not feeling good enough which I think most of us suffer from, from time to time.

In addition we decided to do something playful. I teach my level 1 students how to change the taste of wine using only intention this works once I have awakened their latent ability to do so. We decided to do that live on Instagram. I have included that video too.

Enjoy the video! To watch it, follow the link here.

The next day, her trainers said she was fighting even better and she felt more focused, rested, and was no longer nervous about the fight. We are both happy with that!

With Love,


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