Mind Body And Soul Experience

Hi Tribe,

How are you on this fine Saturday?

This week has been a mad rush getting everything ready for Mind Body Soul Experience, London.

I’m already on the second day of the show, and it’s all going amazingly well.  I’m recruiting lots of new people to the tribe. If you are one of them, welcome!


Dolly and I have been doing a lot of healings on the stand and signing up students for upcoming classes, and Darren has been amazing getting it all to come together and helping on the stand too. I will share some anecdotes next week. It’s a very exciting time for Divine Empowerment.

This week I have been making lots of Orgonite.

Orgonite is crazy. I have read all about Wilhem Reigh and Orgonite. I knew how it worked and believed that it did work. I made some and wow it’s super strong. I had around 7 in my house and my boyfriend Darren and I were just pulsating. All this intense energy was running through us, evolving our systems. I am quite used to this as I’ve been doing it for 12 years, but it was the most intense energy that Darren had ever experienced. I think we overdosed, somewhat, we woke up pretty groggy, with our muscles totally fatigued. We are having to keep them in the car now as the evolution is so fast, a little too fast and that takes a toll on the physical body. One two or even 3 are plenty, unless you are ready to fully commit and dive down the rabbit hole? If you are, a course will be an easier road, trust me on that. I’ve been doing this work for 12 years. My system will remove the blocks in yours with laser precision. Having a few in the home is a great idea though.


In a matter of hours I’ll be hitting the stage to present my first talk.

Saturday 19th October, 2019 @ 14:30- 15:00

Instantly clearing emotional trauma with Antonia Harman -Divine Empowerment: See a live demo of instantly clearing Emotional Trauma and presenting a new understanding of depression. Do you feel that depression is linked to an assault, bereavement, a broken heart or simply feeling constantly overwhelmed by the pressures of life? Would you like to see how easy it is to clear life’s deep traumas and free yourself to be happy.

I will also be presenting tomorrow.

Sunday 20th October, 2019 15:00-15:45

Instantly Clearing Anxiety/ Obsessive thoughts with Antonia Harman -Divine Empowerment: See a live demo of instantly clearing Anxiety / Obsessive thoughts and presenting a new insight into their causes. Do you feel anxious with obsessive thoughts, tormenting and influencing your life? Would you like to see how easy it is to take control of these fears and to become the best, happiest version of you!

I will also be on stand 68 so why not stop by to say hi.

I have all the CBD products ready to go too, I left everything to the last minute so its been frantic getting it all together.

I believe you will agree the results are pretty awesome!  Let me know what you think.

I hope to see you here!

Have a fab weekend.



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