Group healings

Hey Tribe,

How are you today?

This week I wanted to introduce you to a new service that I am offering, ‘Group Healings’.

I have spent most of my career teaching and working one-to-one with clients, although I discovered, a number of years ago, that working with a group is actually as, if not more, effective. I thought that the more people you work on, the more diluted the energy would be. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, if you have a tribe of people on the same wave-length, with the same intentions, you can do far more. I can use their energy and focus to boost the healing.

I did a talk at Mind Body Spirit last year. I asked for a volunteer who was suffering emotionally. The lady who appeared on stage was in tremendous pain, her baby had recently died. The work that I do expands and becomes more potent as it integrates into me and as time proceeds. At that point a healing around such deep and current grief would have taken me around 20 minutes to clear in a one to one session, now it takes only about five minutes. I was on stage with only ten minutes left of my time slot.

I had an audience of around 100 people, all with the same objective, to help this lady. With their support I was able to clear her grief in just a couple of minutes. They really powered it up.

With that in mind, I wanted to offer group work. The sessions will be an hour and for a minimum of 5 people. When we have enough people, we can set a convenient time to do the work.  I expect popular topics to be grief, abandonment, betrayal, sadness, heartbreak etc. I am also happy for people to put forward whatever they are going though at the time. These healings will be offered in person and at a distance via skype, face-time or whatever works for you.

As we are working as a group, the sessions will be significantly cheaper than one-to-one work and yet be as, if not more penetrative and transformative. I will be charging just £100 for the hour which hopefully makes me affordable to most of you.

The more people, the more powerful it will be. This follows the cosmic law of abundance, the more you give, the more you get.

I’m excited to be offering this new service. It will allow me greater reach with finite time available daily.

If you are interested ,please do get in touch. Booking is available through my site.


If there are any specific topics that you want to work on, please let me know and let’s get this going. It’s a great opportunity to clear out any stagnated clutter in your head, and become more aligned with who you truly are. A happy and whole you.

Have a fantastic week!

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