Karma drama

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Last week we were discussing ‘Karmic parenting’ one way to explain right from wrong is to reflect the child’s action back to them within reason and free from malice.

This week I wanted to talk more generally about karma.

Have you noticed your karma rapidly reflecting your behaviour back? If you have negative thoughts towards yourself and others or are a bit mean do things seem not to flow as easily? Or conversely when you are happy positive and helpful do things just work seamlessly?

There is a lot of talk in the spiritual community about our evolution. That we are heading towards a great awakening which according to David Wilcock is spoken of in over 50 different ancient religions. It is seen as inevitable. As we draw near any unresolved karma is bubbling up to be processed and neutralised. This means that many of us are feeling the heat. Lots of drama, conflict and uncertainty. Hardship a plenty.

Problem after problem after problem. Really challenge our core and even our sanity. Is this true for you?

Karmic lessons are the universe presenting us with what we did previously, often from previous incarnations to simply balance the scale. To show us how our behaviour felt to the receiver.

The way I see it we are at school and there are certain lessons to be learned. When we learn them we pass the test and move onto another topic, when we fail we take concentrated, sometimes harsh master classes.

I call it a poke, a pinch, a slap then hit by a car.

The hit by a car could be a literal car crash or any type of illness or hardship.

Say for instance the lesson is loss. You could lose your keys as a ‘poke’. How do you behave when you lose your keys or even your phone? Do you have a melt-down, an adult tantrum? Or do you calmly look for them? Do you have a contingency plan for if they are truly lost e.g. spare keys with a trusted friend, insurance and data backed up? Is loosing them the end of the world or more an inconvenience? Did you behave with grace and dignity and pass the test or did you fail?

If you failed you may well receive the same lesson in a much more dramatic way, as the universe bangs its head against the wall imploring you to listen, take notice and adjust your actions to more peaceful loving ones.

As I said we are heading towards the great awakening, karma will be hitting thick and fast. The best defence is a good offence. That is to remain calm, loving and peaceful as much as you can. Ten minutes meditation at the start of the day can really help you to stay calm, yoga, even a walk in nature. Learning to breathe in the face of adversity before you react. The more you fight it the more vicious it becomes, that’s karma baby. Lessons to be learned.

Have a fab week,

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