Mind Body Soul, London 2019

Dear Tribe,

How goes it?

I’m proud to announce that I will be exhibiting at Mind Body Soul in Alexandra Palace on October 18th, 19th and 20th. I will have a Divine Empowerment stand where you can come and have a healing and a chat. I’ll be selling CBD products, plus I have two speaking gigs.

Saturday August 20th 14:30-15:00

Live demo of instantly clearing Emotional Trauma and presenting a new Understanding of Depression, by Antonia Harman – Divine Empowerment.

Do you feel that depression is linked to an assault, bereavement, a broken heart or simply feeling constantly overwhelmed by the pressures of life? Would you like to see how easy it is to clear life’s deep traumas and free yourself to be happy ?

Sunday August 21st 15:00 -15:45

Live demo of instantly clearing Anxiety / Obsessive thoughts and presenting a new insight into their causes, by Antonia Harman – Divine Empowerment.

Do you feel anxious, with obsessive thoughts tormenting and influencing your life? Would you like to see how easy it is to take control of these fears and to become the best, happiest version of YOU ?

If you are in London why not stop by and see me?

It’s a busy time for me at the moment. I have just taken on a PR agent, we had a photoshoot yesterday. I’m at the stage that my work is both strong and consistent. I’m ready to take it public in a big way. Watch this space! I will soon be all over the press and, fingers crossed, on the telly. It’s an exciting time.

It has taken me 12 years to really have a solution to many mental health issues. It’s a viable, effective and fast alternative to traditional psychotherapy, with real, lasting results in record time. I can’t wait to showcase this work at Mind Body Soul as well as to the world at large.

Thank you for your continued support reading the newsletter. You are my tribe, my pioneers. The first to see and hear of me.

In fact, do you have any topics that you would like me to write about in a blog? Are there any spiritual questions that you have and which need resolution? They can be general or even personal. If it’s a personal one that fits, I can simply answer by changing your name. That might be fun?

I’m happy to help.

In addition, you know I’m teaching in London 30th, 31st August and 1st September. If anyone else is interested and wants a free demo pls get in touch.

Below is a little info about the class once again.

Level one highlights includes:

  • Meditation tools. This will teach you to drop into stillness instantly.
  • Dowsing – How to use a pendulum.
  • Hooks/ Evil Eye identifying and clearing. We can be affected by others thoughts, or shared trauma. Time to spring clean. Regular maintenance will make for a happier you.
  • The Big Eraser to instantly dissolve emotional trauma in yourself and others. The Big Eraser is really the jewel in the Divine Empowerment crown. As you progress through the levels, this energy will be upgraded for deeper and deeper work. In level 1, it can be used on specific traumas, a solo situation, to dissolve the stagnation of heavy emotions. The memory will remain factual but neutral, the pain erased forever. In later levels you will learn to dissolve long standing emotional pain and even depression.
  • Instant pain relief – Bill McKenna technique.
  • Multiple fun energies that can be taught to and shared with friends e.g. how to change the taste of wine using magic. It’s the ultimate party trick!
  • Chakra Master Blaster, to upgrade and activate your chakra system.
  • Some one to one personal work from me where needed.



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