Let’s talk about grief

Hey Tribe,

This week I want to focus on grief. Mental health is somewhat of a taboo subject, yet we all have the occasional wobble.

The fact is that we all die, and at some point unless we are hermits, someone we deeply love will pass. That’s just how it is. Western society tends to either not discuss it, and or mourn rather than to celebrate life. It will always be sad when a loved one dies, but there are ways to get through it.

You may know that I have created an effective way to help with trauma. Emotional stagnation, things that haunt us for years after the event.

The way I see it, emotion is just energy. I like to break down the word emotion to E-motion or energy in motion. Sometimes that motion is blocked or stagnated.

This means that a sad or upset memory doesn’t pass through us as it is meant to, rather it lingers. It  can become so ripe or pregnant with multi-layered situations that minor incidents or reminders can trigger a flood of overwhelming emotions.

This is especially true of grief. A smell, a scene, even a flower,  can trigger emotional overload. It’s as if all that pain is just sitting there waiting to explode. Well that’s exactly what it is, a time bomb. That emotional energetic field is just festering there unless it is released.

A good, and the traditional way of releasing it, is through forgiveness. Nothing eats away at us more than holding onto pain, whatever that pain may be.

If we can truly let go of the trauma and forgive all parties, in this case it may even mean forgiving the person for leaving you, then you may be able to fully move on. To get to the stage of celebrating their life and the joy that they brought you, free from the pain.

This may be seem unimaginable. There may even be guilt around this very notion That you are somehow forgetting them and disrespecting their memory. They would never want you to keep suffering . You know that.

If you do want to move on but are unsure how, I may be able to help. I do see trauma as an energetic stagnation and can treat it as such, using an energy that I created called ‘The Big Eraser’. All you need to do is think about your loved ones passing or in fact any trauma. Just feel the emotions bubble up, really tap into them and fully feel. Once you are there and that door is opened I can simply siphon out the energy and dissolve it in seconds. I know this sounds too good to be true but it really works. If you can feel it I can clear it. It has worked every single time I’ve done it and I’ve been doing it for 7 years.

So, if you have any traumas or even grief, why not move on, really move on and give yourself the gift of a life free from pain, a life of happiness.

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