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Last Saturday I started to tell you about the wonders of Vibrational Medicine. How Jerry Hall, Sarah Ferguson, and Princess Diana, amongst others, were clients of Jack Temple. Of my experience with Derek Talbot who removed the residue from my tetanus injection, which prevented the energy flow to my legs, allowing me to start to enjoy walking.

This week I wanted to explain how vibrational medicine works.

First , I need to explain the nature of our physical reality. It’s not as it seems. This is where it gets techy. You have been warned!!!

If we take a microscope and zoom in to the body, we find cells. If we look inside the cells, we will find DNA in the centre. Look inside the DNA and we find atoms. If we look inside the atoms, there is nothing there.

Everything that exists is vibrating. We have no solid matter, which is hard to grasp. Physical matter is an illusion. It’s all energy. This is the current science, quantum physics, nothing woo-woo here. According to Dr David R. Hamilton, even an atom is 99.9999999999999% empty space. It’s truly amazing. If a proton was an apple, the nearest electron would be the size of a grain of salt 2 kilometres away. Particles are simply waves of energy. Since nothing is permanent, it can be healed.

This gives credence and hope to energy medicine. It suggests that the Newtonian model, that western medicine is based upon, is really missing the point to a large degree. It’s wonderful for an emergency such as a broken bone, but getting to the root of an illness is another matter.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

Vibrational medicine uses remedies with specific frequencies to heal. Frequencies that the body is missing or has too much of. As energy comprises the building blocks of DNA so DNA comprises the building blocks of cells . It all starts with energy.

I have boxes and boxes of tincture remedies. All with a specific purpose in mind. They have weird and wonderful names, I even have ones for each of the 12 dimensions, together with more obvious ones like heart electrics and aluminium.

Using a pendulum, I work out how efficiently a certain organ is working, and whether it is underperforming.

We start at conception. Although the organ isn’t formed, the potential to make it is in place.

If it’s not at 100% is that due to genetics on the mothers side, the fathers side or was it past life?

At what age did it deteriorate further? What was the issue? For ease we categorise it.

Electrical means neural pathways and messaging. Emotional means some sort of trauma. Biochemical means a toxin. This can be a pathogen. A virus, fungus, bacteria or parasite. It can also be a metal or something else. We can even ask how it was ingested. It could have been drunk, eaten, absorbed through the skin or inhaled. It can also be a structural cell issue, such as a bone fracture or it can be a spiritual issue.

I choose bespoke remedies according to the answers.

I worked on a lady last week who had low energy. Her small intestine, which according to western medicine is responsible for 90% of the absorption of vitamins and minerals, was performing very poorly. So were her adrenals. Once I worked on her, she was overwhelmed with energy. She could hardly sleep for a few days as her body started to work properly. This was alien to her. She had never had well functioning adrenals or small intestine. Even at conception they were less than optimal.

This is what she had to say.

“Met Miss Antonia Harman Healer aka beautiful blonde healing wizard. Joking aside to quote this lady. I went from zero to hero in about an hour. Antonia, your healing is incredible and I can’t wait to share you and your skills with all I know. Thank you, thank you. I feel AMAZING.”

Now I have explained what vibrational medicine is. Next week I’ll finally get to the complete body check and let you in on a few more case studies.

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