Complete body check part one

This week I want to get into the complete body check with you. For that I need to set the scene.

Many moons ago, I studied vibrational medicine. This modality was created by Jack Temple and was a favourite of the royals and celebs alike.

“Going to Jack Temple was a life-enhancing experience. He cured me, my sister, my mother and my children of all our ailments. He’s a genius worker.”

-Jerry Hall

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson were regulars, as his work was nothing short of remarkable.

You may remember that Princess Di, was thought to be very shy as she would rarely look directly at the camera. She tended to put her hand to her forehead and look down. Well, the real reason, for this, was that she suffered from terrible migraines. She was in excruciating pain daily. She rarely took afternoon engagements. Instead,she would lock herself in a dark room, head pounding.

Sarah Ferguson recommended Jack Temple. She had been a number of times with miraculous results. Jack made Diana various remedies which he applied in either pill form, secured with micropore tape or a brandy-based potion. They were applied to very specific bodily locations, directly over organs or on meridian pathways.

Shortly before her death, Diana began to look directly at the camera. This was labelled as a confidence boost. In truth, Jack’s treatment was successful and she was no longer suffering, triggered by the flashing lights.

I became a Vibrational medicine practitioner as I had a profound experience with Dr Derek in Ibiza who studied under Jack. By the time I saw Derek, I was already well versed in alternative medicine and a practising healer. I had nothing in particular wrong with me, I was fit and healthy. I had been recommended to Derek by a yoga instructor friend of mine whose retreat I was attending.

As I had no particular request for him to work on he scanned me and said something rather odd.

“You don’t like walking do you?”

He was 100% correct. Walking really irritated me. I hated it, it was super annoying. I was pretty fit, playing a lot of tennis, gym and go-go dancing but for some reason walking was bothersome.

He explained that I had had a tetanus vaccine at twelve years old which had disrupted the energy flow from my coccyx to my legs.

It’s all very well to diagnose something that I can’t substantiate, but what was he planning to do about it? Quite a lot it seemed.

He had boxes and boxes of remedies. He dowsed using a pendulum and mumbled to himself whilst placing various little tinctures in a metal trough which was part of a funny looking machine with various dials.

After a while he added sugar pills to a second metal trough in the machine. Then he pulled out some micropore tape, grouped the pills together, wrapped them in micropore and affixed them to my tail-bone.

Within a few seconds my feet were stamping. Literally stamping. I couldn’t keep them still. All this energy was being released into my legs and I couldn’t stop moving.

Derek lived close to a beach bar called the Blue Marlin. I went there and bumped into pals who wondered what I was “On” as I continued to stomp.

I went clubbing that evening which was amazing as I was dancing with zero effort. I was like a mad robot in a sci-fi movie, my legs moved independently. The same happened as I slept, they just kept going for 3 whole days and nights!

Had all this suppressed energy been released? Well it sure looked that way. Now I can walk miles and miles with ease. It’s not a problem at all.

It was a life changing experience that motivated me to study Vibrational medicine.

I will tell you how it all works next week.

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