It’s all ice cream

The age old question:-

“Which God is the one true god?”

Millions, if not billions of people have died over this debate. It’s the cause of so much war and misery.  If God is love which every religion seems to agree on, then killing on his behalf seems oxymoronic if not simply just moronic!

I read an Anastasia book a while ago in the ‘ringing cedars’ series which explained religion in a way I hadn’t considered before.  Imagine your parents had tragically died when you were a child. Throughout your life you would come across people who had known your parents at various stages of their lives. “Oh at school your mum was the sweetest girl, she looked after me when I was sad” or “I smoked pot with your dad at University” or “I lived next to your mum in her 20’s, we used to go dancing together”, you get the picture. Now they would all be speaking about the same people but their experience of them would have been different as they grew up.

Origins of Religion

I think that the same principle applies to God, and that we, as in humanity, have grown up so our experience of God has shifted.
Speaking about the 5 major religions; Hinduism was created 1,500BC, next came Judaism in 586BC, Buddhism follows closely behind in 500BC, next comes Christianity which was of course started after the death of Christ in 32AD, lastly Islam came about in 622AD.

Concept of God

The origins of current religion span in excess of 3,000 years, and across many totally different countries. As humanity has grown up, so has our understanding of the concept of god. These days we have a growing spiritual population with a personal connection to source. Many no longer feel they need the middle man, be he a Rabbi or Imam. Long ago, would not have been possible in much of the world.  In fact, even a branch of Christianity bloomed which believed they could commune directly with God, some even thought they were descended from Christ’s union with Mary Magdalen . Because of these beliefs, the Merovingian Kings and their followers, were brutally assassinated by The Catholic Church.
Is it not possible that we are all talking about the same being, or energy, universal wisdom?

One God One Religion

Does it matter that you prefer a certain flavour of divinity? Maybe we are born into a religion or maybe one finds us? Fundamentally, they are all about respect for something greater than ourselves, loving one another and kindness.

I find todays level of narcissism fascinating, many of us myself included, at times are self-involved, craving ‘likes’ and ‘re-tweets’ etc on social media. It’s hugely isolating when we ourselves become the centre of our universe, it breeds depression and loneliness, rather than love and solidarity.
Religion is tribal. We look after our own, which is a beautiful thing but why not make everyone part of the tribe, a ‘radical inclusion’ rather than being irritated or worse, hating or fearing someone just because they like a different flavour of religion.

I had a really profound evening a few weeks ago. I ended up in a dive bar in Shoreditch on the stage with about 20 people dancing to 90’s tunes. I sometimes set myself unusual goals, that night I decided to make friends with every person on that stage; to break down the isolation or nervousness that we have to ‘strangers’ and be open, loving and vulnerable.
I went up to each and every person on that stage introduced myself, I learnt  their name and then asked if I could give them a hug? Now this is obviously quite weird for most people, a stranger wanting to connect so personally. There were a few comments about how bizarre or bonkers my behaviour was to which I simply replied “yes I’m different”.

Most people were very warm and open to it though, especially when I had set the ball rolling and met a few others. Some were waiting for their hug  in anticipation. It was so heartfelt and loving. There was a point where some new people joined the stage. I went to embrace them and I was shooed away, I turned, feeling a little rejected and 4 people on the stage who had been watching the encounter opened their arms to hold me. I was overwhelmed by this openness and love. ‘New friends’ had my back and cared for me it was so profound and wonderful. Such a heart opening, a small bit of effort on my part and the love I felt in return was immeasurable, just so beautiful. Magical.

“All it takes to break down the tribal blockages, is an open heart and a willingness to connect.”

For me it’s all ice-cream, it doesn’t matter if you like Buddhism or Islam chocolate or vanilla. God or Spirit is fundamentally the same being, the flavour is just a preference that shouldn’t really matter. We are all one, kindness, love and connection should come before which book we use to relate to source.

Be well, be happy.


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