The Big Eraser

I wrote a blog on ‘Thought Clouds’ in July 2014  , the musings have always interested me. I will recap briefly in case you missed it:-

My friend lost her car keys, she was panicked, even after we had arranged a free tow for her car to her private parking space at home, she also had spare keys indoors. When I say panicked, I really mean panicked to the point where she was shaking, crying and hysterical. She then uttered the immortal words “I think I’m having a nervous breakdown”.

What is the ‘Big Eraser’?

Until then I had been laughing and joking, this of course made me take notice. I then suggested that I take her ‘Thought Cloud’ or ‘Morphic Field’  where all this fear was residing and bring it to me, relieving her of it. I did this and it was such a strange and intense moment. She sat there and started giggling beaming from ear to ear, whilst I started to shake, my heart was jumping out of my chest, I was feeling full of fear, tears began rolling down my cheek.

I had empathised with her on the deepest of levels, in fact I had robbed her of her pain, leaving her happy and carefree, whilst I was overwhelmed and frenzied.

This situation taught me a lot. I learnt that;

“Emotions are simply energy”.

If you can lift them so simply, then maybe this can be applied to many situations where memories cause deep pain and anguish? Every conflict and even war is started by emotion.

“It’s not the situation but rather how you ‘feel’ about it that determines how devastating it is.”

I am my own number one guinea-pig, I work on myself first to see what happens before I open up my experiments to friends and students. This means that I learn by situations that happen to me, so I attract many different events.

A few weeks ago I met a boy who I liked, it’s rare for me to find someone who I think I could date, as I think in a fairly unique way. A life full of magic is a fascinating one but a little unusual shall we say! Short version of the story is that he met someone else soon after me and chose her. I was a bit miffed, a week later it was still a little raw in my system, this inspired me to think back to the ‘Thought Cloud’ saga and see if there were any new tools that could help?

Using the ‘Big Eraser’ to remove negative emotions

I then intended to erase the emotions around this ‘trauma’. Within a few minutes it became empty, the melancholy vanished in an instant. Although this was a minor situation, it was a wonder to behold. The best comparison I can draw is it became like ‘tissues’, most of us probably have few feelings towards tissues? If we meditate on them, there is little there, they are useful for when we blow our noses or wipe our faces, but are fairly void of emotions, however useful.

I then tried ‘The Big Eraser’ on a few friends and clients. One client had a serious break-up> a while back and still had various emotions related to it, he tuned in and listed “fear, anger, sadness, anxiety”, then they were erased within moments.  Another had been depressed and angry about her current situation for a few months, that too was erased in a heartbeat she said she felt “balanced” when I checked in with her the following day.

Another one had a skin condition that had made her feel like “a leper” for the last decade that turmoil became like a ‘tissue’, and was void of any anguish in a split second.

It is still early days with this work, my new project, if you will. I firmly believe trauma and emotions are the causal factor and the lynch pin of disease, so if we can dissolve them, the sky is the limit as far as work on disease is concerned.

I think I will have a look at PTSD shortly and see if the original memory can be neutralised or erased? I am hoping so. If so, we can really help many of the troubled soldiers, or in fact anyone who has suffered horribly. It might also help with addiction? There is much still to learn.

‘Big Eraser’ Classes

‘The Big Eraser’ is an energy that I will be teaching in my level 5 class July 26-28. There will be loads more besides this, yet to be revealed, even to me! If you have any trauma or in fact anything that you need help with, why not book in for a session?

My intro to level 4 is available online if you want to learn to help yourself and others, maybe even join us in person in July’s class? Why not join us as we’d love to see you?

There is even a 3 day free trial for the introductory level class.

Be well, be happy!

The Big Eraser to remove negative emotions - divine empowerment


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