Food intolerance and how to fix them – Part 2

In last weeks blog we learnt about what food intolerances were on an energetic level. This week will learn how to test for intolerances and how to clear them.

To test for food intolerances you can use kinesiology or muscle testing with and without the allergen in your hand. If your arm is strong with an empty hand then weak with say wheat in your hand, this shows that you have a sensitivity to it. As the energy field around our body becomes disrupted just by holding a substance that our body doesn’t resonate with.

Food Intolerance Test

Give it a go at home. Here is how:-

Firstly, we must establish base-line strength. Get a partner to stand with their right hand in a fist on their chest and their left outstretched in superman stance, making a fist. It is important to make a circuit, so we must place our left hand on their shoulder and our right on their outstretched fist (if we do not make a circuit the experiment will not work). Ask them to hold their arm in position as strongly as possible and press down on the outstretched wrist. Sometimes they are a little weak as they don’t expect you to press down, if so ask them to do it again until it is strong. This is their base line strength. –You can reverse the arms if you are more comfortable leading with your left, I have said it this way as some people, especially men are extremely strong, meaning you can’t really get any movement out of their arms, most people are right dominant, their left arm tends to be weaker.

Next, pick up the foodstuff you think they may be sensitive to and place it in their fist on their chest. If you are unsure what to test, use a small sample of one of the following -the most common allergens

1) Peanuts

2) Tree nuts which include – walnut, almond, hazelnut, cashew, pistachio, and brazil nut etc.

3) Milk

4) Eggs

5) Wheat

6) Soy

7) Fish

8) Shellfish

Then re-test the arm strength remembering to make a circuit. There should be a marked weakness in their strength.

Sometimes this feels a bit strange to people, they may say “they were not ready”, if this is the case simply re-test with and without the product in their hands. Of course most people will not be sensitive to all the products on this list, so if there is no difference in their strength with or without the food stuff, simply try another from the list, or indeed off the list (it is again crucial to make a circuit).

From this experiment you can see that food you are sensitive to makes your body physically weaker, this is purely energetic, by having it in your hands even heavily wrapped, it will have the same effect.

Clearing Food Intolerances

The technique I have developed clears food intolerances instantly, my level 4 students and I can now muscle test with and without the product to check the difference, then with a single intention, remove the distortion in vibration that is causing the body to see the allergen as a threat. The arm strength then becomes the same with or without the product in hand. This in turn should mean that the allergic reaction will no longer occur. It’s really that simple. We energetically align the vibration of the perceived threat with clients bodies, clearing the food intolerance, it can literally be done in an instant!

If you have any food intolerances you would like cleared please get in touch

Be well, be happy




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