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Tantric sex and relationships

Tantric Sex - Divine EmpowermentI am forever reading article about sexual liberation, how we should be empowered to be with whomever we choose. I get that, we should feel empowered but it feels a bit like we are trying to walk before we run. Let me explain. Sex is extremely powerful energetically, it has been used in rituals for thousands of years. When done correctly we can super-charge manifesting. Shamans use ‘Sex Magic’, there are intricate rituals to this but the premise is, leading up to and at the point of orgasm both parties focus their attention on whatever their heart desires, this is agreed before-hand.

Sex amplifies thoughts, so be careful what you are thinking when you cum. Now if you are in a bad space for example you can actually make your mood or situation worse, maybe not at that exact moment but certainly within a few hours or days. It’s a bit like drinking when you are upset it can actually worsen your temperament. So please when you make love do it when your head is at peace. When we join together physically, we also join together energetically, through our minds, hearts and genitals. This is wonderful in a relationship as it amplifies the love between 2 souls. If done in more casual conditions it can have a draining effect on our energy systems. After a one night stand most people remain connected energetically for up to a year, during this time we can be parasitically feeding off each other. If we have lots of different partners without clearing them it may feel like we are being pushed and pulled in several directions. Partners need to be unhooked from us for us to maintain our optimum energy levels, it is debilitating. It can affect us physically with regards to vitality, and emotionally as we can take on their ‘stuff’.

Unhooking in relationships

Unhooking is relatively easy I teach it in my Divine Empowerment level 1 class. Once lovers are unhooked it frees us. If we were invested in the relationship it switches off the broken record where we continually think of them. In men sex or rather ejaculation depletes life force, it affects the kidney energy. Footballers are not meant to have sex the night before a big game as they perform less well on the pitch when they do. Men also often nap after sex as they have ‘spent’ that energy. If men don’t cum but rather hold back they have considerably more spunk (pardon the pun) and it makes it more fun for the both assuming there is a connection and decent technique J. When people hear the word ‘tantra’ they often immediately relate it to sex. tantric sex is a part of tantra but its more about creating a connection with another being. As my friend once told me “You can have tantra with a tree”.

Benefits of tantric sex

It’s simply forming a bond with someone other than ourselves. The connection reinforces when we do something for them from a place of love, as opposed to doing it for some sort of reward. This can be as simple as running a bath for your lover, cooking them dinner, organising an evening in/out, or buying them flowers. Spending time thinking what they would enjoy from a loving open hearted space, it really bridges the connection. There is eye gazing which is a great way to boost intimacy. With regards to tantric sex, the tantric orgasm is far superior to the pedestrian one. Normally sensations are isolated to the genitals and last seconds, in tantra kundulini travels up the spine and ignites the whole nervous system and body, it can also last hours, plus you can be blissed out for days. It does take some practice. Many men cum as soon as they are able which doesn’t easily allow for a tantric sex experience, they need to pull back even take a break if needed, or go back to foreplay. Men can also cum without ejaculating they can even have a full body orgasm. When this happens to either party a cocktail of happy hormones are released. Most women do not feel comfortable enough to easily drop into tantric orgasm, so they are less common on causal encounters. Shakti gets stored when we abstain from orgasm and ejaculation so when we do there is a lot more released, “The cup overfloweth” as it were. So sex after no contact for a few days, weeks, or months tends to be more explosive. I am a believer in “No sex before monogamy”. It is hard to be casual when you really like someone and I don’t want to have sex with someone I don’t like! Please be liberated and free in your bodies, choose your partnerand thoughts wisely, take your time it makes it a whole lot more fun…


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