Thought clouds and collective consciousness

though cloudsLast year I had a wonderful demonstration on how thoughts were energy. My dear friend lost her car keys and was panicking. The problem had been worked out, her car was being towed for free, she had a spare set at home and time to find them. However, she was hysterical so much so that she uttered the immortal words “I think I am having a nervous break-down!” Up until that point I was joking with her as the problem had been resolved, there was nothing more to be done, although it didn’t feel that way to her.

The idea of collective consciousness

An idea sparked, I thought ‘I wonder if I can hold the space for her?’ I was in a joyful mood, she was deeply troubled. Maybe I could shift her fear and upset over to me? The weight of the trauma would be lifted. Could I also share my playful happy state with her? I did a little magic and within a few seconds a tear rolled down my face and she started to laugh, joyfully. It was a bit like the movie ‘Freaky Friday’. I had taken all of her pain, grief and sorrow and replaced it with my bliss, she was grinning from ear to ear. However, her anguish took over me in addition to the tears I started to get shaky, my heart was pounding in my chest. I had completely embodied what it was to be her in this troubled state. We were sharing the same collective consciousness. She was sat there telling me how great she felt, cracking jokes, beaming at me. After 5 or so minutes I couldn’t take it any-longer. I suggested that we share her upset 50:50, it was too overwhelming for one person to take. My general disposition is happy so I was no-where near ‘nervous breakdown status’ but I was uncomfortable enough to not want to continue the experiment. It would have been harsh to give her all the pain back although I had pacified it greatly, so sharing it seemed fair. That was okay we were both relatively comfortable.

Collective consciousness and morphic fields

Holding someone’s thoughts made me think of Rupert Sheldrake work on collective consciousness. We have just had The World Cup so this may be fresh in your minds? Have you ever been to the pub for a quiet drink to find there was a football match being screened? You have no allegiance to either team, but found yourself in a crowd of strong supporters. During the 90 mins you are jumping up and down, excited when they score a goal. When there is a mishap screaming blue murder appealing to the referee through the TV. You have absorbed their excitement, you are thinking like the people around you, sharing that collective consciousness. The same happens in riot situations it is herd mentality.

Sheldrake took 3 Japanese poems to a group of English school children with no experience of the language. The first was a traditional nursery rhyme which had been passed down for generations known to millions of Japanese. The second was a brand new poem composed for this study. The third was a collection of Japanese words which were gobbledygook, it made no sense, just a random list of words configured in verse.

Can you guess which one the children found easiest to memorise? It was the traditional nursery rhyme. The one recited many, many times, as it existed in firmly consciousness. The second was the new poem, and finally the one that make no sense. It’s very interesting that thoughts or even poems can have a field around them which makes them more available to us.

Examples of collective consciousness

If you lived in England in the 80’s you will remember how love for Rubiks puzzles swept the nation. There were competitions to see who could complete the game’s first. People would queue outside the toy stores overnight to get the newest one. No-one could do it initially then after 5 or 10 days someone came forward then suddenly thousands of people. The information was released into collective consciousness, the more people who had done it, the easier it was to access.

There have been studies on the New York Times crossword puzzle, it is released on a Sunday and by Monday it is far easier to do statistically once the 2.4 million readers have glanced at or completed it. The same happens with inventions, the patent office has thousands of applications for new identical products from opposite sides of the globe within days of each other.
There are morphic fields for conflict too. On a small scale people in an office or community can be upset with someone and it sweeps across and envelops others with no real relationship to the issue, a cloud of negativity. More dramatically, in wars lasting for generations.

Morphic fields workshop

In Divine Empowerment level 3 we learn to clear morpic fields. The bigger the conflict the more work it is to clear the energy or thoughts that live there. Remember the 4000 people meditating in Washington who reduced crime rates over the summer in 1993 by 23%, it’s amazing that happened with meditation now we have the light technology to make a real difference. It can really pacify a situation with tremendous effectiveness.

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