One-to-One Healing Session with Walker

£295 50 minutes

Bespoke Healing Session – 50 minutes

Walker is a gifted and intuitive energy healer, possessing a unique ability to connect with various levels of consciousness necessary for personal growth. His expertise spans across energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional, and psychological realms, enabling him to facilitate profound healing experiences for his clients.

Using his exceptional approach, Walker identifies and clears imbalances, addresses layers of trauma, and helps his clients regain harmony and balance in their lives. His healing methods empower individuals to be present, release karma, and find resolution in seemingly insurmountable emotional situations.

As a Divine Empowerment Advanced Level 14 Practitioner, a prestigious title established by Antonia Harman, Walker’s skills are highly regarded in the field. Moreover, his expertise extends to being a Oneness Movement Advanced Trainer and a practitioner of The Power of Instant Healing: Yuen Method Chinese Energetic Medicine. He has also received training from Richard
Bartlett, the creator of Matrix Energetics.

With his diverse training and compassionate approach, Walker is wholeheartedly dedicated to guiding his clients on their healing journey and supporting their personal growth.