One-to-One Healing Session with Kris

£295 50 minutes

Bespoke Healing Session – 50 minutes

Kris is an intuitive healer and an accomplished Divine Empowerment Level 14 Practitioner. From the inception of Antonia’s teaching journey, Kris has been one of the original students, immersing herself in learning every energy technique Antonia has ever taught. This deep understanding brings additional insight and wisdom to her healing practice.

Kris’s true passion lies in empowering, assisting, and supporting others on their unique healing journeys. By blending various modalities, including Divine Empowerment, Angel Alchemy, and Reiki, she crafts personalised healing sessions tailored to each client’s needs. Her ultimate aim is to liberate individuals from any obstacles hindering them from living their fullest life and embracing their inner magic.

Through Kris’s dedicated guidance and profound intuitive abilities, clients experience transformative shifts, allowing them to access their inner potential and find a profound sense of healing and purpose. With her caring approach and extensive expertise, Kris offers a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore and embark on their path to wellness and self-discovery.