Zoom demo, Celeb healing, Class next week & article

Hey Tribe,

I hope you have had a wonderful week.

I have 4 things to talk about this week, the first is a video of me healing a celebs neck and shoulder issues.
Secondly, I have a free event for Mind Body Spirit on Zoom this Wednesday at 19:30, that I would like to invite you to.
Thirdly I’m teaching next weekend and have a discount code for you.
Lastly, I wrote a piece for we are the city which you may like to read?

SO it’s all go here as ever!

I wanted to share a video I made a few weeks back with Nicole O’Brien she was on the Netflix sensational show ‘Too Hot To Handle’. She had done her homework on me and knew that I’ve had success helping people with neck, shoulder and back issues. So, asked that I do the same for her. It was pretty exciting seeing her pain completely vanish in only a few minutes, here is what she had to say about it.

This Wednesday at 19:30 I’m doing a Mind Body Spirit event via Zoom:-

Watch Celebrity healer Antonia Harman instantly erase a variety of traumas. E-motion is only energy after all and can be instantly dissolved.
If you can connect to it she can dissolve it.
Antonia believes we are all Gods and Goddess’s who forgot our greatness. Through 13 years of dedicated trance work, Antonia has awoken some of her latent abilities. Abilities we all have dormant ready to switched on!

It’s a free event if you would like to join please simply follow this link.

Instantly dissolving traumas is really the backbone of Divine Empowerment. Solo issues and phobias can be cleared easily by level 1 students. We even had students clear Martins 30 year depression on level 2 so it is deeply profound and magical work.

Level 1 also includes meditation hacks so you can drop into stillness instantly. Evil eye or hook removal. Temperature regulation so if you are too hot or too cold you can equalise. There is a whole energetic pharmaceutical cupboard. Then the awesome party trick of changing the taste of wine using energy, that’s a fun one, especially as you can teach it to friends and they can do it for themselves. I am planning on offering a 10% discount to the Zoom students so I think it only right to offer the same to my lovely tribe. The next class is just a week away on the 18-19th July 10:30-16:30 both days. With the discount it’s £225.

I wrote an article for we are the city here is an excerpt and a link to the full article.

“You, my dear, are a Goddess. Now I don’t mean that in a whishy-washy way. I mean it literally. You are a Goddess who forgot how frigging awesome you are, but you can get it back with the associated super-powers!”

Have an amazing week and I hope to see you in class soon!



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