Grounding, Ecstasy And Out Of Body Experiences

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I am taking a little break from the ‘Jackson Civil Engineering Pioneers in Mental Health’ series this week. I was planning to share the interview, that I had done for them, detailing my work. Unfortunately, the editing has taken a little longer than anticipated, so we will need to revert back when I have that. Sorry for the delay.

I am currently in Ibiza with my boyfriend Darren. We met friends for dinner last night and an interesting conversation came up, which I thought I would share.

We were discussing grounding. Having been working as a healer for 12 years, and coming to Ibiza for 20, one of the most common ‘spiritual’ questions I get, when I’m here, is about OBE’s. Many of the people, who I have crossed paths with, are young people working and living on the island. They are here to party and have a great time.

They come to me worried about sleep paralysis. They regularly wake up completely paralysed, unable to move at all. This is, of course, one of the most scary experiences that you can have. Trying to scream, move and nothing happening. It’s awful.

In their cases, as I see it, it’s due to them being ungrounded.

I ask these people if they have taken much ecstasy whilst living in Ibiza. Invariably they have. Ecstasy opens up the higher Chakras. This seems all well and good but spiritual evolution is about balance. If your lower chakras are stuck and your higher ones are working well, there is a lack of balance between them. The best solution is for them all to be cleaned up and activated at the same rate.

Ecstasy and other recreational drugs need to be taken in a controlled environment. It’s really a shamanic journey. Plant medicines are taken more seriously and honoured with ceremony. Recreational drugs are not. No one tells these fresh-faced clubbers that they are ungrounded. The result can be out of body experiences and sleep paralysis. The other important factor, to bear in mind, is that when the higher chakras are opened, we are connecting with different dimensions and the beings who live there. Some of these beings have malevolent intent. They can get into your head and create destructive thoughts. That is why Shamans are important, they can shoo away the bad spirits and check to make sure you are both balanced and in the right place.

The people in Ibiza, who are experiencing sleep paralysis, are looking for practical tips to prevent it recurring. Here are some very simple ones.

  1. Being barefoot on the sand, grass etc. Man-made surfaces won’t cut it. The best is walking on the sand with the waves lapping at your feet. Then you have the benefit of both being grounded as well as having the healing properties of the ocean.
  2. Diet. Something as simple as root vegetables can really help. Food grown under the earth has grounding properties.
  3. An obvious one, lay off the party drugs.
  4. Meditation. There are infinite ways to meditate . A simple visualisation of yourself growing roots into the earth and the earth growing back into you, is effective.
  5. A grounding matt. These are plugged into the earth part of the wall socket and connect to the ground. Large ones can be used as bed sheets. Smaller ones can be used for your feet/ hands whilst sitting at a desk.

There is beauty in the simplicity of these processes, and plenty of alternative ways to ground. Or you can go the other way entirely and allow the paralysis to continue and see where the journey will take you out of your body. There is a thin silver cord that connects you to your body, so you will always be able to find your way home. You won’t die, which is a very important thing to know. It could be an adventure. Only you know what is the correct way to proceed for yourself.

Right, I’m off to the beach.

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