Distance Workshops!

I am pleased to announce that Divine Empowerment level 1 can now be taught via distant workshops using Skype.

I was aware that some of the Spiritual healing course could be taught from afar, but this was put to the test at the last London class. One of the students was unable to attend in person, we decided to do what we could do a distant workshop via Skype, and then also meet up so I could catch her up on the energies that she missed.

Benefits of distant workshops

To my surprise and amazement as I was teaching the energy became denser meaning the whole class can now be taught at a distance. This was able to happen as we have had enough students now for the work to be solidified in consciousness. I am very excited about this quantum leap, which means that I am now able to teach globally, and my students can learn from the comfort of home. This is wonderful especially for my ‘pioneer students’ who are the only ones in their country currently learning this system. It means that this energy is able to grow and spread exponentially.

Next distant workshop

I am teaching my first global Skype distant workshop October 16-20th. I am keeping the prices the same for all the classes to keep a global integrity. If you sign up in the next 2 weeks you will receive a discount of £100. The early bird price is £400 if paid by the 16th September, it will return to the normal price of £500 after that point.

Thanks for reading. For more info check out On the site there are contact details to sign up for classes, weekly blog posts or find practitioners including myself.


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